Bring peercoin to Mastodon

I think peercoin should be officially represented on mastodon (a microblogging network similar to twitter but open source and decentralized - like peercoin :slightly_smiling_face:). There are a lot of tech-savvy people which may be interrested in peercoin’s mission. What do you think?


Has mastodon gotten any traction?

Also, can you tell me how to get started? I’ve found a client so far, tootle. But it wants an instance and so on.

For Mastodon is need a separate server, with running ruby on rails?

Well, there are way more people on twitter (some 300 Million monthly active). So the range of Mastodon seems negligible with currently about 4.4M users.
But the users of Mastodon have deliberately chosen a decentralized social network in order to be independent of a profit-oriented company like twitter. From this I deduce that users of mastodon are more willing to leave their comfort zone and take a closer look at alternatives.

Of course, the federated approach of mastodon makes it a bit more complicated for new users to register an account, although it is not that complicated:
Essentially, you have to choose a server (or instance), much like when you register an email address. So, for example if you choose as server and sign up an account with the username peercoin, your mastodon identity would be
(There is no need to host your own mastodon server, it would be possible however)

A good starting point for understanding the basics is: Mastodon quick start guide

A list of instances can be found here: Choosing a community
There are 17 instances listed in the “Technology” category which I think would fit best.

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