Bounty to port grsecurity patch to raspbian kernel [DONE]

Peerbox project needs Linux kernel dev to modify Grsecurity patch or Raspbian kernel to work with each other properly.

Problem is grsec patch does not compile on Raspbian kernel (technically it does but not properly).
Raspberry kernel is pretty much non standard and patch needs editing.

I believe next stable branch for both raspbian and grsec will be based on 3.14 kernel.

So getting those two together is step one.

One can work with 3.15.x also, I don’t care as long we are close to upstream.

I need everything to be working trough this PKGBUILD script;
upon all future releases will be based.

Dirty hacks are not accepted, if someone will accept this he must find solution elegant enough to be accepted mainstream, or at least something in form of a patch which can be applied to raspi kernel to make it work with Grsecurity.
So this should solve all future incompatibilities and allow following of upstream releases.