Bootstrap pro's and cons

Ok so on the long discussion about migrating the forum to discourse and to bring the peercoin branding to the forum I have been looking into writing our own custom theme for SMF.

This uncovered that (especially the header) relies heavily on bootstrap. I appreciate I have had less input on the development of but was wondering the reason for doing this?

A quick search about the pro’s and cons of using bootstrap revealed this link

Importantly for the forum here the main issue is number 2 where current html in the SMF structure causes font sizes to be changed where they are not wanted to be changed and the text in header are not readable. Thus I am looking to extract out the functionality of the header and write our own code that is not tied to bootstrap.

Points 3 and 5 both are worth considering as well especially in regards to peercoins image.

Any thoughts on this please feel free to chime in


…and I thought it was just me that didn’t like Boostrap sites. They’re all over the place.

Now the web is so saturated with similar looking boostrap sites, especially crypto, it’s becoming boring when they start to look similar.

But our does look good though. I like still like it.

Do you need to ask TheWildHorse about this? If so, I can contact him for you. Just let me know.