Bitcoin unconfirmed transaction

Excuse a question on bitcoin, but I am having a transaction problem

Yesterday (Tuesday), I sent 0.0837828 btc from:

However, the transaction is still unconfirmed, 16+ hours later. I have never had a delay like this before - can anyone explain why this is?

edit: it seems it got 3 confirmations now

you paid 414.333 sat/B , and now the recommended fee is 548 sat/B, bitcoin seems to be a bit congested, i dont know how long it will take for you, if it takes forever you could ask a pool to accept the transaction in the next block they find

I really like how easy it is with sending a peercoin transaction, it doesn’t require a math degree to understand how much tx should be paid

This is due to the Bitcoin (BTC) network crashing into the 1MB blocksize limit. Bitcoin (BTC) is pretty much broken now.


Many thanks for the explanation. I knew there was a fee, but thought the “system” took care of it