Bitcoin South! New Zealand's First Cryptocurrency Conference! Nov 29th - 30th



[size=20pt] Queenstown, New Zealand - November 29th - 30th, 2014![/size]

[size=14pt]Bitcoin South is New Zealand’s first Cryptocurrency Conference.

The aim is to bring international Bitcoin related companies, VC’s and Speakers to New Zealand to showcase the industry to keen New Zealand & Australian Entreprenuers, Business owners and VC’s.

We want to make this conference exciting and will be putting packages together for our international guests, including Wine-tours, Golf-tours & Adventure Sport packages.

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Great, finally something closer to home. Are you guys involved in the organisation? Maybe Peercoin is interested to have a slot for a session?

I’m thinking of going. Anyone else interested?

It is marketed as Bitcoin 2.0. Would be great to show off Peershares and/or Nubits by then.

NXT and Ethereum might also be there and some great names from the Bitcoin scene as speakers.
Queenstown is a stunning place anyway even without a Bitcoin conference.

We could use the presentation and slides that Chronos is making for us, as long as it gets voted on.

Yes, that would be great and we might start with the new video as intro. Still need to secure a speaker slot though. I’m in contact with one of the organisers but they don’t appear very keen till date. They obviously look first to secure the big names in the industry.

Without the Pump and Dump Coins PPC is the 3rd largest crypto, so i think thy should be glad that they can secure a speaker from here :wink: