Bitcoin Air - Community Update 2

The wait is nearly over…

Plenty has been happening in the background while the development team and administration have been readying the front line approach to the market for Bitcoin Air. We have kept our community quiet and our development even quieter while we put together our many programs we plan to offer to the public prior to our actual fork date. It has been a great time so far developing with the team, and we can not thank our community enough for being with us in the early stages of Bitcoin Air.

This article will be presented to cover several topics that have been floating in the community, and to introduce the latest updates within our development. The community has been anxiously awaiting the biggest decisions within our development, included the finalization on which coins will receive our airdrop. We are here to announce several things including; our Ambassadors Program, our Minimum Viable Product Demo, our new Website, our introductory Partnerships, and the final decision on which coins will receive our Airdrop.

Let’s Begin…

##A New Beginning

We have taken the time to revise our overall approach to the public by introducing a completely revised website design to better signify what Bitcoin Air hopes to represent to the public. You will find numerous changes to our website including; a completely custom design template, expanded information that includes our team, media, and partnerships, our ambassadors program, and also our minimum viable product demo. This refreshed approach will aid in the presentation of Bitcoin Air and better express the ideas of what we hope to achieve with Bitcoin Air.

Throughout the time of our revision, there has been some bumps in the road with our community, team, and overall plan for development. This is normal within any community focused development and we have taken the best approach to solve any issues that have arose within our community. Some of the issues I want to touch on today revolve around Haven Protocol and the overall vision of our development along with what differs us in whole, and how we plan to revolutionize the stable coin initiative.

There has been some discussions coming from the Haven Protocol team in regards to our fork and their outlook on receiving it. Mixed emotions have held the team in a discussion as to whether or not Haven Protocol should be included in the air drop due to the communities mixed feelings about the development. This has led to our development team placing a hold on whether or not Haven Protocol will actually receive the airdrop and whether they will receive XAP or USDAP.

Our Project Lead, Anthony, has been in constant discussion with both Peercoin and Haven Protocol alike in regards to gathering solid support across administrations to ensure that all communications and development needs are met up to a reasonable extent to create a clear channel for updates, development, and communication. Through this, we have agreed that only two communities should receive Bitcoin Air ($XAP) alike. Peercoin and Bitcoin holders will receive Bitcoin Air at a spread rate which will be described below in the Official Fork Details.

Over this long silence from our team, we have been solidifying several large scale partnerships that will be explained below in “The Future of Bitcoin Air”. This article also signifies the beginning of our Blockchain Development, and over the next few days, you will begin to see commits to our GitHub. Currently, it has been left empty until our main front end products and partnerships were completed. This is falling perfectly in line with our predicted road map and we appreciate the community for staying patient with us over this time.

##The Bitcoin Air Ambassadors Program
The Bitcoin Air Ambassadors Program has been developed as a means of providing 100 lucky participants with the chance to permanently earn a position as an Ambassador within their country and aid in the constant growth and outreach of Bitcoin Air on a large scale level. The main goal is to allow us to produce as many points of contact for our development as possible, in as many countries as we possibly can.

Our Ambassadors will be in charge of social network outreach, planning and organizing of community events, BETA Testing and Functionality, marketing and promotion efforts, and much more. They will be our front line team when it comes to countries reaching out to Bitcoin Air on a personable level. Ambassadors will play the largest role in ensuring that Bitcoin Air achieves it’s maximum potential in achieving it’s goal of producing a currency that provides back to the environmental efforts of maintaining our planet and personal well-being.

Ambassadors will be trained and briefed on the dynamics of Bitcoin Air and it’s functionality, they must be capable of a professional attitude, demeanor, and presentation when it comes to representing Bitcoin Air and it’s team alike. Every chosen participant will have the chance to earn Bitcoin Air (XAP) on a monthly basis via conversion based marketing and promotion utilizing their social networks and events that may be happening in their area; like seminars. Ambassadors who are hired will be provided access to our Ambassadors Panel that will give them access to a variety of content to market with, social network API’s to easily share and promote Bitcoin Air, a place for event planning requests to be filed, personal conversion links to maintain records of who brings the most attention to Bitcoin Air, and a internal payout system that rewards the top Ambassadors with the most conversion. Bitcoin Air Administration will dedicate funding monthly to a pool that will be split completely between 100 Ambassadors proportionate to their share of the growth margin during the month prior.

The Ambassadors Program will begin with an application process that will allow us to gauge the communities interest over time leading up to the fork date. A series of interviews will be given to the chosen participants to gauge their ability to grow Bitcoin Air and utilize the resources provided in an efficient manner. All members of our community are encouraged to apply and see if they are chosen to become one of the 100 ambassadors chosen world wide to aid in the growth of Bitcoin Air.

The applications will be announced in the next upcoming article. The application process will allow only non-anonymous participants as we would like our Ambassadors to be friendly and welcoming to the public to approach them to gain information about Bitcoin Air. We will ask a series of question via form, and over time will begin to reach out to capable applicants to receive a second interview. The 100 chosen participants will then receive escalated privileges to the Ambassadors Panel and will be trained and briefed leading up to the Bitcoin Air Snapshot and Fork.

###Applications will begin August 21st, 2018.

#Minimum Viable Product Demonstration
A lot of you may see, that we have been operating our development some what like an ICO. Hiring in different Advisors and types of staff to ensure a successful road map is followed throughout the development. To ensure that the public understands what we are hoping to achieve here in the slightest, Bitcoin Air has made efforts to develop a Minimum Viable Product Demo that will allow you all to test the waters of what is to come for Bitcoin Air over the next few months.

This minimum viable product demo will feature a simple to use App Store Demo that will give you a hands on feel of how Bitcoin Air will operate when it is released. This is in no way our final product template, nor will our demo be utilized as a our main feature set. We will be expanding on this MVP drastically as we receive input on how people react to the usage and feel of our demonstration.

You can utilize our demonstration via a tablet, mobile, or desktop interface. It will display the basic features that are to come to the Bitcoin Air Pay System that will allow several key features to fluid merchant transactions and consumer usage. The idea behind the MVP is to provide a hands on template of use for people to gather what is to come before deciding to support Bitcoin Air in it’s endeavors to becoming the largest small business based consumer stable coin.

All comments, edits, and recommendations can be submitted to Anybody submitting revisions or edits will be provided a bounty if we use their edits.

##The Future of Bitcoin Air
Throughout the constant development going on, there has been extensive brand growth that has blossomed the final and true vision of Bitcoin Air. Initially beginning as an initiative to create the first collateral backed dual-chain stable coin that can give back to the planet through merchant-consumer based usage. This vision has blossomed into large scale partnerships that will aid in creating the most versatile and scalable merchant based payment system to come from a cryptocurrency development.

Bitcoin Air has reached an agreement with the US Blockchain Association to acquire $210,000,000 in Carbon Credit Asset Reserves to back the minting and burning of USD Air Protocol. This means that every $1 of USDAP (1 USDAP) will be backed by $1 of Carbon Credit Assets. Coupled with this asset backing, Bitcoin Air will be included in the future release of 50,000+ ATM’s worldwide being developed by the US Blockchain Association that will allow users to sell their $USDAP or $XAP and receive local fiat currency at anytime. This will allow Bitcoin Air to be fully asset backed up to $210,000,000 in carbon credit reserves at any given time through the partnership with the Mother Earth Foundation.

What we hope to come from this partnership, is to produce a positive impact on the environment through financial transactions by allocating mint/burn fees to the growth and preservation of the Carbon Credit Reserves. Through this growth, the available asset backing of $210,000,000 will expand, allowing more collateral to be available to back USDAP as more users require to mint into a stable coin market. Carbon Credit Assets grow and drop in value as well; as the value of the reserves grow, profit margins can begin to be taken from the Assets and given back to the holders in forms of buy backs or raised stake earnings for an extended amount of time. Proceeds kept can be used to produce green air initiatives and fund scientific studies to develop means to reduce the carbon footprint of humans on the planet. The end result would be a positive impact on the Earth, through basic means of every day use by merchants and consumers alike.

The future vision of Bitcoin Air is to decentralize the small business market and return the power of the fiat, reserves, and financial system back to the people of commerce and trade. Through the use of a dually operating bilateral blockchain, we hope to bring the age of asset backed stable coins to a new level by pairing the power of dual chains with the Lightning Network, Segregated Witness, and Atomic Swap. Through these, we hope to develop the most user-friendly, scalable merchant payment system that can aid in giving back to the planet through day to day actions that people are already accustom to today.

More on the future of Bitcoin Air will be released in a later article detailing our source, algorithms, and much more including a more detailed analysis on the technical aspects of our development.

##The Official Airdrop Information
After a long discussion with our team, and having several conversations with both the teams at Haven Protocol and Peercoin. We have decided to airdrop $XAP to all holders of Peercoin, Haven Protocol, and Bitcoin alike.
After careful consideration, and numerous issues within the community, we have decided to NOT move forward with airdropping to Haven Protocol due to some of the communities disagreement with our project. There isn’t immense support from the Haven Protocol community today, and we feel allowing them to receive the airdrop would do far more harm then good in the long run. We have fully agreed to move forward with the airdrop, and the only difference is now Peercoin and Bitcoin Holders will only receive Bitcoin Air ($XAP).

###The official snapshot date will take place on Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd, 2018.

###Important Links
Short Paper:
Trello Board:
Peercoin Telegram:
Peercoin Discord:

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Fantastic project…, but why I don’t see any official reposts from Peercoin Foundation, Peercoin Development Team?
@peerchemist, any comments, please.

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The team is not related to this project in any capacity.

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You don’t see comments because this has nothing to do with the foundation or the dev team.


Thread will be updated shortly with new Airdrop information!

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