BeyondBitcoinShow w/ Legend

Eventually there will be many more little shindigs going on here, including larger-scale meetups (anyone can organize a meetup–including you!), conferences (all content open source and reproducible) and audio/video podcast shows.

The Beyond Bitcoin Show has Posted the Sunny King/Larimer discussion on their homepage. I will not use the Beyond_Bitcoin Twitter account (follow us!) to tweet it to the world!



P.S. Don’t feel scared to come over and party on the Beyond Bitcoin Community Server. I look forward to the days I get to listen to your meetups and the philosophy, experience and vision that your group provides! I’d like to eventually have a section of the website that is Beyond Bitcoin (PPC)

Do you have a link to the home page?

Yes, but I have found that every time I try to put it in, the forum cuts it off. :confused:

Thanks for the up-love guys and gals. I am looking forward to making some potential announcements later…but I prefer to under promise and over-deliver, so lets just see!