Best Blockchain Services


Which are the best blockchain services in India?


Hello Rajesh_Shirsagar, have you heard of Webchain?
Webchain is a web-mineable blockchain platform that makes most of the unused CPU resources of internet-connected devices to secure Smart-Contract-powered DApps. This is done by registering public transactions through an egalitarian Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism based on CryptoNight, which uses the community of website users as the low-impact processing grid for applications.
Below are some of the features:

With Webchain, It’s possible to use resources of Internet of Things or any device that can render JavaScript to mine.

Decentralized and ASIC-Resistant:
Since ASIC operators sell coins to pay for expenses, they also drive coin prices down.
It is designed and implemented on own fully customized version of Cryptonight hashing algorithm.

Very fast transactions:
Webchain transactions are among the fastest - only 10 seconds. Adding off-chain solutions will make them instant.

Transparent, botnet unfriendly:
The transactions made on webchain blockchain are entirely public, so it won’t be a friendly place for botnet attackers or any sort of illegal activities.

No Initial Coin Offerings:
Since this project is meant to be for everyone – not only for those with deep pockets – webchain decided not to hold Initial Coin Offerings.

For details on how to get started, visit the main site.