Basic Income via a Digital Currency

No one ever posts on this board, so here’s an interesting article I saw :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing that, River. That is an interesting article.

It brings me back to a few times I’ve said that being anonymous is not the best approach. In the instance of Peercoin/Primecoin. Forget being totally anonymous. Keep the system decentralized, but be sure to gain the interest of shops out in the real world. There is no real reason to be FULLY anonymous unless you are doing some shady dealings - in my eyes.

It does open up ideas, and lets face it, down the road jobs on the bottom end are going to be hard as hell for the blooming population to find or hold.

The future is cloudy and dark, what will it be like for us and our future generations? We will have to wait and see.

Until then… Win together, or fail alone!

Giving out free money is inviting laziness. If you look at any region with good climate and abundant natural food, you find them to be rather backward with industrial and technological development. These places are often where early civilizations were developed, though.

mhps, I do not disagree with the Give XX invites laziness. It is true. I, on occasion, help with charity with my limited available time. And I have to say this much, to ANYONE I mean no disrespect to anyone involved with these programs, but giving away anything creates some sort of laziness, or a dependence. Why give away hundreds of thousands of pounds of free food…? Why not create jobs instead so these people can support their needs… etc. etc. These arguments almost become circular depending on who you talk to.

The real question is, how do you fix it so it doesn’t create a bottom end dependence?

Simply saying, “Get a job you bum” doesn’t fix problems. “Get a better education” doesn’t help the man or woman that already works 2 jobs and has such limited time. “It’s your own fault” does not help the person that was not properly prepared by their school system.

I think you get the idea. We can lay blame anywhere we want, but blame is just spit balls. What can the thinking people do to help fix it? Continuously blame those people and tell them to fix their own problems, thus become and remain shackles to the rest of society? Or create a real solution?

I know this is extreme considering the thread, but I truly hope the idea gets across.

“It’s not my responsibility to fix …X” If we as a people decide to let everyone fix their own problems because we believe it isn’t our problem, we’ve already lost to the bigger picture. I absolutely disagree with hand outs, it fixes nothing in the end except create more dependency.

As my quote says, “Work together, or fail alone…”

Ok this was deeper than intended. 8)

Personally giving free help is not the same as automatically giving free money.

I heard through the grapevine that BitNation is working on something like this. I imagine that this would make a clever way to attract the people who haven’t considered cryptocurrencies very much.