Auto hidden mining for 32 & 64 bit

I am an administrator or a moderate network of about 180 PC’s and 22 Servers.

I began mining coins last week and thought about using work resources to also do some mining. 95% of our CPU power stayed unused as we had migrated to a terminal environment so 100% CPU usage on desktops was not going to limit a users performance.

** DO NOT MINE ON WORK MACHINES WITH OUT PERMISSION!!! This is theft with out the blessing of your company.**

After some tinkering i have managed to do the following with the Primeminer client

[size=14pt]This is for the Beeeeer Pool. [/size]

[ul][li]The client starts 1 minute after any user logs into a machine. Tested working in Windows, XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003 and Server 2008

[/li][li]The Client is fully hidden from the users view. No command window. I have also renamed the process to something less conspicuous than “primeminer” We have a few users that are pretty anal about things they see running that don’t seem to belong.

[/li][li]So i can check on the miners. All of them write to a .txt file so i can check on them from time to time and confirm they are working.


Things i have left to do.

[ul][li]Write a program so that when PC’s are not idle mining will stop. After being idle for 5 minutes the miner will begin again.

[/li][li]Write a management portal so all miners can be checked at once or at least polled. I believe i should be able to just download each of the .txt files parse out the info i need then display an output.

[/li][li]Figure out a way for the program to auto detect the number of threads by itself. Having to edit the number constantly is annoying.

You can download the miners from here

If you do not trust the miner files and i don’t blame you, you can simply download the primeminer_x64 or x32 and modify the batch file to your needs.

Open the folder for the version you need. X64 or X32 and drop the “Run” folder directly to your C:\ for no config or you can place it else where but will need to modify the path’s

Example: drop into windows system 32 folder and the path will change from C:\run\program.exe to C:\Windows\System32\run\program.exe on both the VB script and .bat file.

The Snmc.XML file under each remote install folder is the pre-configured scheduled task that will auto start the program on log on.

When importing be sure to change the run as user to an administrator on your target machine. Also if you drop the files else where than in the root of C:\ change the path in task to where that VBS is.

I will be continuing to develop this over time.
Tips Are Appreciated: AFt89tPQumf8XHKDwDhTgYom99Coa2E94V

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This can be useful stuff, especially if auto-hide is enabled and you find a way to set the number of cores automatically somehow… I sent a small tip in support. Keep it up :slight_smile: and if I find a way to detect core number I will be sure to let you know… Maybe the VBS can poll WMI data for this information? Should be possible.

EDIT: here’s a VBS code to find number of cores (includes total with hyperthreading)

Set oShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
Set oEnv = oShell.Environment(“SYSTEM”)

WMIC CPU Get NumberOfCores,NumberOfLogicalProcessors /Format:List

Parse accordingly.

Auto detecting cores and having the ability to check on miners is my first priority.

Hoping to have the auto detect knocked out this long holiday weekend. Not having work to worry about will give me some much needed time to code.

Very nice! Keep up the good work! 8)

Anyone actually used it ?


I tryed to download you files but the link is broken.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance

i could use that also but file is removed from dropbox. is it going to reupload?

I removed the file because it had lots of downloads and no one commented on it if it worked for them and not.

Im not here to feed a bunch of leech’s

Im still working on this project it’s just taken a step back from other things.

Thats too bad you feel this way. To be perfectly honest, your original post didn’t really ask for feedback.

I was looking for those files a couple weeks ago and couldn’t get them, so I didn’t comment. I would still be interested in checking it out and would love to provide feedback as well.

Here we go!

My working set for “xolominered” pools:!fx4gUZoK!j6lQF9KNTmdPyZgU4enf2A
Nothing special, just 1. grab the list form your network by Spiceworks report 2. run prime.cmd as a domain admin for copy miner+create tasks+start one of them by condition

Here you go

set ws = wscript.createobject(“”)“C:\run\Snmc.bat”), 0, true

Create a folder in C:\ called run

Create a bat file their to run your preferred miner

alter the above script to match your .bat file

Save the above text as a .vbs