Assertion failed

I’ve only been mining for about a week now, and I occasionally get the following error/crash:

Assertion failed!

Program: D:\Primecoin\primecoin-qt.exe
File: src/checkqueue.h, line 171

Expression: pqueue->nTotal == pqueue-> nIdle

Has anyone encountered this error, and/or does anyone know how to stop it from happening? My friend is mining using 4 different rigs and hasn’t encountered this problem. The only difference is that his Primespersec are stable (within 100), where as mine fluctuate between 3200 and 4800. Any help would be appreciated.

Which release build did you experience this problem?


Is that what you were asking for?

No, he is asking, if you use the original wallet or some kind of optimized client. For example HP6 by mikaelh


I’m getting the following error message when i attempt to open my primecoin wallet:

[b]Microsoft visuals c++ runtime library

Assertion failed!

Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\Primeocoin\primecoin-qt.exe
File: src/main.cpp
line 1720

Expression: ptork != NULL
All options; Abort, Retry, Ignore close the program

I’m running on win7 64bit, using 0.1.2xpm-beta primecoin-qt wallet from

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this problem??


I use the original wallet client, do you know of a way that might solve this error?

for the pfork != NULL assert, could you go to your %appdata% directory, copy wallet.dat and debug.log.

The copy of wallet.dat is for backup purpose, and for debug.log you can search for ‘ERROR’ and post the messages here for diagnosis.

If you cannot use the wallet due to startup failure, you can then perform a redownload of blockchain, by removing all files/subdirectories except for wallet.dat and primecoin.conf (if you have one) and start up the client wallet.

All sorted now. Thanks for your time Sunny!