[article] Platform currencies may soon be obsolete


I am not sure whether this article’s prediction is good or bad for Peercoin or Peerassets

For example, it says: “Application currencies will be tied to their own blockchain instances and will dominate the space.”

Peerassets is not tied to its own blockchain, so is this good news for Peerassets - and Peercoin?

The news is evolve and adapt.

Running your own chain is hard, so I imagine apps of near future will work on several chains at the same time.

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Is this a proposal or something working now?

Doge is scam. It was released as joke, it was annonced in russin forum, it was not innovative at that moment, quick currency was Worldcoin, Feathercoin… Doge have zeros in blockchaine, and blockchaine will be big. Chose another crypto for swap

It think it was just an example of what is possible.