Are there any methods to repair a corrupted primecoin wallet.dat?

Does anyone have a guide to repairing wallets?

Or would I have been better off exporting my private keys in text…

The wallet is unencrypted.

I’m going to try one more time later tonight on another computer.

If I can’t do it, I will upload the wallet for others to try…

you tried -rescan?

Yeah, that doesn’t work.

But apparently my assumption about the file being intact in an IRC conversation I was in last night is correct.

I managed to pull all the private keys out, but when I tried to import them to another wallet. I have no idea how to change the address on that wallet…

I sent a copy to Sunny King’s email address to analyse. I’m still downloading the blockchain at the moment. It seems unusually slow.

It is possibly related to that mac bug.

However, I don’t use a mac…

So basically, I think we need a sticky. Please re-open your primecoin-qt client a few times before backing up your wallet.

For this wallet, I generated it on the fly. I just opened the client, closed it and assumed it was working… No transactions have been conducted on the address except for 3.10 primecoins which were deposited a few days ago. Apparently you really need to check and ensure you can actually access your coins.