Anyone reading on here from the Coinotron team?

Posted a thread about displaying the amount of Feather coins I’ve mined. Stats show Payout threshold, rewards and est coin per day but no actual total so far on Feathercoin. Surely this is important when I’m literally just dipping my toe into the pool. Would like to use Coinotron with my rigs but help and support seem a bit non existent for newbies.
Cheers to anyone who can answer my questions.

Hate to tell you, but this is Peercoin talk. This doesn’t have anything to do with coinotron. Maybe coinotron linked here from some page, but it was likely just to point to info on mining their pool for Peercoin.

Also Feathercoin is not related to Peercoin. I recommend trying the Coinotron or Feathercoin web sites.