Announcing Peercoin's New Telegram Chat Group

We have created a Peercoin group on Telegram, which is a chat service that is currently seeing serious growth among crypto projects, users and traders. We’ve setup bots that will post messages between the telegram group and the general channel. This will allow people using either chat service to communicate with each other.

Peercoin is currently like an isolated island. Telegram is like the general crypto mainland and our bots are the bridge connecting both with each other. Telegram will act as a way to interest people outside Peercoin and draw them to our community. Bots are also setup to relay news from our Twitter channel and our subreddit in an effort to inform people of the latest Peercoin news.

The Telegram app has been ported to numerous platforms, including desktop, tablets and mobile phones. Notifications from the app will bring Peercoin news and discussion straight to those who subscribe to the group.

You can find the group here, but you will need to download the app for your specific device…

Also of note is that it uses your mobile number to login to the app. Your number is not publicly visible. If you have any questions about the service, Peerkaizen can help answer as he is the one who introduced it to us.


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Downloaded yesterday. Works great, and the mirroring functionality between the two apps is a great idea

Edit: Looks like the chat bot is only working one way today. It’s not replaying messages from Telegram to

Yes, it seems the increasing volume of people using Telegram for crypto has taken a toll on the reliability of the mechanism which posts to the side. It works on and off now. If it stops for any length of time, the posts usually get dumped out of order on later on or the next day. Unfortunately Telegram will need to be the ones to fix this. There’s nothing we can do. It’s great when it works though.

Thanks! I know we are sun setting the Rocket chat, but in the meantime what’s the actual link I need to use in the rocket chat iOS app? I can’t seem to make it work :frowning:

There seem to be two iOS apps, and

I’m not sure what the difference is, but I could only get the one without the plus to work. I believe you need to enter in

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For me it’s the opposite. Only the one without the + works for me.

I think that is what I said. :grinning: