Announcing Peercoin's New Discord Channel

I would like to announce the opening of Peercoin’s new Discord channel. We are opening this channel to help expand Peercoin’s reach and simply because it’s an overall great chat platform with functional desktop/mobile apps.

Discord has a large registered user base, making it is easy for existing users to join Peercoin’s community simply by joining the server. This ease of access will increase participation in the community. Unlike Telegram which only has a single room, the Discord server supports multiple chat rooms dedicated to different topics. It also features voice servers where community members can talk to each other live. You can use this invite link to join Peercoin’s server…

Looking forward to seeing you there! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Did we get rid of the old chat system? is still in use, but we use it more for private team discussion. For public chat we are trying to focus more on Telegram and more importantly Discord.

Is there a way to later the format/appearance of Discord? Specifically, the relevant chat part is one column sandwiched between two others. Is the right hand column necessary and, if not, can it be removed to expand the chat area?

You can click the people on the top right to hide that column. You can use BetterDiscord if you want as that has more customization options, but does require a little more technical knowledge to setup.