Announcing "Crypto Coffee Sessions" - a crypto-themed podcast sponsored by Peercoin

We are happy to announce “Crypto Coffee Sessions” - a crypto-themed podcast. First episode is now released on YouTube here…

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Great first episode, it was enjoyable to listen to the different perspectives. Intro music was nice too. :grinning:

It would be great if you can post this and future episodes onto the podcast streaming apps. (I mainly use Castbox & Spotify.)

Also LBRY is a nice YouTube alternative, would be nice to see more Peercoin content on there.

Nicely done, looking forward to the next one!


Great podcast however I think you guys had too many people on at once

I would take issue with the assumption that a decentralized crypto cannot become a global currency because nations will never accept them as such.
This assumes that the nation sate system will continue on as it is when many of the pillars that nation states depend on are being disrupted.
I would argue that we’re experiencing something similar to the Bronze Age collapse.

From what I saw on Twitter it’s some kind of blockchain scam, and they got in trouble with SEC.

No, that thing was triggered (likely) by climate change. Like a volcano eruption starting mini ice age. Anyway collapse was conditioned by climate, it disrupted agriculture and forced the entire north to move south. When such masses of people move, there are clashes and genocide.

We experience nothing of the sort at the moment.

LBRY is not a scam it is a real decentralized video exchange but unfortunately they got some issues with SEC right now

Why is SEC bothering them if they are not a scam?

Because they made an “unauthorized” airdrop of LBRY Tokens at the launching of the software to early adopting users

I agree, the climate part hasn’t happened yet, but climate was just a part of it, disruptive technologies were also a huge factor