[ANN] Wolfchange - direct cryptocurrency exchange


[center][size=16pt]Wolfchange.com[b]- is an fast, direct cryptocurrency exchange with beautifull interface,
that provides the simplest way to exchange most interesting cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks![/size][/center]

[size=14pt][center]Wolfchange - service made by crypto fans for crypto fans. Having gained some experience,
we do not understand why cryptocurrencies services is often overlooked, if not very popular, but exciting
and innovative cryptocurrency. Therefore, we launched Wolfchange!

We believe that we will make the most simple, reliable and enjoyable way to exchange cryptocurrency.[/center]

[center][size=16pt]Now you can exhange this cryptocurrencies:[/size][/center]
[center]- Bitcoin

  • PotCoin
  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • Peercoin
  • Dogecoin
  • NameCoin
  • VertCoin
  • Game Credits
  • Omni [/center]

[center][size=16pt]On that cryptocurrencies:[/size]
[center]- Synereo

  • Clams
  • Dogecoin
  • Factom
  • Namecoin
  • Peercoin
  • Steem
  • BitCrystals
  • Dash
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Game Credits
  • NXT
  • Qora
  • VertCoin
  • BlackCoin
  • Decred
  • Ethereum
  • Lisk
  • Omni
  • Siacoin
  • Bitcoin
  • DigiByte
  • Expance
  • Litecoin
  • Potcoin
  • StorejX[/center]

[center][size=16pt]Welcome: wolfchange.com[/size][/center]

[center]Questions, suggestions: http://wolfchange.com/contactus

https://telegram.me/wolfchange_en - you can always be contacted and receive a prompt response to any question or need help (EN)
https://telegram.me/wolfchange_ru - всегда можно связаться и получить оперативный ответ на любой вопрос или помощь (RU)[/center]

Added support exchanges on
Augur (REP)