[ANN] [TRC|PPC|FRC] vPool.us - 1% fee, PPLNS

We to present you a new pool. The site is running on pushpool and mmcfe.
Location: Amazon.


Lightweight and fast user interface
Blockexplorer links
Detailed statistics
Exchange rates ticker
0% fee on income and 0% tx on withdraws
PPLNS payout with 1% fee + your donation
Automatic payout between 0.10-999.99
60 sec autopayouts
Salted & hashed Passwords
Pays Invalids/Orphans
Anti DDoS attack measure


Please feel free to contact either of us if you have any suggestions, concerns or issues or post directly on this topic.


I having a heck of a time maintaining any kind of hashrate at ppc.vpool.us. It seems that the entire pool hashrate occasionally drops to 0 and all of my miners (cgminer) frequently report that vpool is not providing work fast enough. Any thoughts?

Block count 'til confirmed does not seem to be decreasing on the blocksauth page. I stopped mining here a couple of days ago due to the entire pools hashrate dropping to zero and then slowing ramping back up again. Now block counts until payout are not decreasing. It would be nice if payouts on blocks already solved and past 520 confirmations occurred.

Stay away from this pool, have been reading lots of posts like the one above.