[ANN] PeerWorld


ill try to add a better description later,
it is a virtual world, using opensim, people who want to try it, send me a pm and i’ll create an account

Hey irritant,

Could you please explain a bit more?

some screenshots

it is still very empty and not much to do, im still trying to find a purpose for this, you can build buildings and things, just like real world, except now it is virtual, it is used for simulating

Can you give me an account please? Just Cyb Nate or something.

Maybe we can build a Peercoin club home and organise meetings once in a while there? :slight_smile: And sell some virtual and other things for Peercoin?
Trick with these worlds is how do you make people return once they have seen it.

Just some thoughts.

I have little idea of what this is, but it looks cool ;D

I would like an account too, name: fractals

Oh my god!! Just realised this is a 3D world!! Yeh pls hook me up with an account, Fuzzybear

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