[ANN] PeerScript Labs: 14000PPC to unlock! (on testnet)


Direct donation (preferred): PScript9dhNxV5xHGwwcjknh9sxe6s4tVX

[size=18pt]PeerScript Labs[/size]

PeerScript Labs is an open development environment which lowers the threshold for developers to experiment with scripts and smart contracts on Peercoin.

You can build, test, and play, without risking your mainnet Peercoins. Meanwhile it will teach you P2SH and non-standard scripts by example.

Other projects (including other competing cryptocoins) can benefit from PeerScript Labs integrating scripts developed and proven on this test ground.

There are bounties in the puzzles. Testnet coins are locked using script puzzles. So anyone can unlock those testnet coins by solving a puzzle.

This lab is meant more to inspire and motivate others to get involved. We show that developers interested in seeing what peercoin’s network can do, can be both easy and fun.

[size=14pt]14000PPC (on testnet) can be unlocked by solving Script puzzles![/size]

Have fun!

This looks like it could be fun :slight_smile: Thanks for building us so many things [member=32827]hrobeers[/member] !

To the moon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_TvhLjlx7c

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Great work. Donation sent.

Good stuff :slight_smile:


For people that want a quick link to the puzzle implementations: