[ANN] Peercoin Android Wallet 3.2 Released


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I assume you are doing this to maintain the coin-age of your coins. I looked at the wallet tools and managed to get it working, but it will only work for wallets that are not encrypted. For wallets encrypted by the app you’d have to find a way to decrypt them first. Assuming you got the unencrypted wallet file it should work (fingers crossed).

Please give the new code a go: https://github.com/MatthewLM/peercoinj


zuper, thank you very much, Matthew. new code worked like a charm, so basically everything after step 2 is replaced with code:

./wallet-tool dump --dump-privkeys=yes --wallet=decryptedwalletfromstep2 --debuglog

I’ve loaded the keys into the peerunity and it seems to be attempting to mint every second or so )

So, dumping secret bytes was not sufficient at all, as the wallet seems to be a deterministic one and I have to take chain_code into account (and work everything out in between lol).


actually, is it possible to teach javascript wallet generator at peercointalk org to recreate same addresses? it seems that brain wallet allows creation of only one address instead of the tree.


I’m glad it worked. You can see the code with the DeterministicKeyChain class for the key derivation. External keys (What you receive with) are under the child index 0, and internal (change) keys are under 1. This is a simplistic chain structure, but not a BIP43 standardised one, so it might not be out-of-the-box compatible.


@MatthewLM please have a look at trusted servers, they seem to be down at the moment.




The New York server should be back online. I need to take a closer look at the London one. Thanks for letting me know.


Is the peercoinexplorer.net abe server configured by default these days?


Not yet. I will add it to the next update.


The London server is now working again.


I’ve encrypted and backed up Peerunity wallet.
Then I run Android Wallet to import that wallet, however when it prompts for a password and I enter the passphrase with which I’ve encrypted the Peerunity wallet it shows me an error.
“Wallet could not be restored: invalid base 64 encoding. Bad password?”
Could you help me to import my wallet to android device?


i don’t think it’s possible to import wallet or arbitrary private keys into android wallet.


Easiest way to have the Peercoins on your phone is to make a transaction from your desktop Peercoin client (Peerunity) to the Peercoin address your Android wallet uses. Only drawback: It’ll cost you 0.01 PPC. :-/ So, if it is only a small amount of PPC an import of the wallet might be a good idea.


Thanks for the replies.


The type of encryption Peerunity uses may be different from what the Android client recognizes.

Why not decrypt your wallet, load it into Peerunity, and send coins from there to your phone?

Coinomi recognizes BIP38, which wallet.peercointalk.org uses, if you want portable, encrypted wallets.

If PPC implements multisig minting, being able to mint on a phone would be a huge edge over bitcoin/pow networks.

Here’s a PoS android wallet that supports staking (librexcoin) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sinet3k.librexwallet

here’s the developer https://twitter.com/pitwuu

MultiSig apparently won’t be in 0.6, but if it ever is implemented, it would make minting on a phone very secure, and if PPC nodes can advance to android devices that would amplify the network by 5x at least. Very appealing.


Version 3.2 Released

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.matthewmitchell.peercoin_android_wallet
Github Release: https://github.com/MatthewLM/peercoin-android-wallet/releases/tag/v3.2

In this version:


  • The new trusted server is not added during an update, so you will either need to add it manually or restore the default servers in the Trusted Server settings.
  • The app needs permissions that are no longer set during installation. The app may fail or crash when using the camera or when viewing wallet backups without these permissions set. You can set these permissions on a device’s Apps settings. In the future I may release an update that properly requests permissions inside the app.
  • I’ve replaced both of my trusted servers with servers that should be much more reliable with greater performance.
  • My block explorer has been shutdown and both of the new servers uses my valid-hash-server software.


I’m sorry to say that Google has removed the app from the play store. According to Google the app has been removed due to violations of the “payments” and “impersonation” policies.

My guess is that Google believes the app impersonates the Peercoin Foundation but I don’t know exactly. I don’t understand the payments policy violation as the Bitcoin app is still online. I could dispute this with Google but my previous experience with Google has been poor in this regard.

I suggest that people download the APK directly from this link or clone and build the app from source.


Perhaps it’s best to leave it alone, app was severely outdated and unmaintained.


This is very unfortunate, I’ve used this app on all of my devices and it worked great. Thank you, Matthew!

I would definitely try to dispute this removal, see if you foundation endorsement would fix this?


I’ve been a vocal supporter of this app for quite some time now.

It’s a good app. It’s robust, simple and has a lot of potential.
Further, I like how easy it has become to set up your own trusted servers.

This app is one of the few that support peercoin and I would love to see it continued.


not sure what you mean by outdated, design? does it matter really?