[DEFUNCT] Peercoin Android Wallet 3.2 Released

It does matter, it matters a lot.

if on one hand you have a multicurrency wallet where keys are stored on server and on other you have a older looking client that keeps keys on the device, which one is better?

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Thanks @backpacker69 and @willy. I’m going to look into the things that need doing to this app and consider what to do next.

To show my support, I’ve removed the outdated python-abe server and installed the new valid-hash-server.

https://abe.peercoinexplorer.net/q/getvalidhashes now proxies https://hashes.peercoinexplorer.net/peercoin

as an intermediate solution.

Hope @MatthewLM will add hashes.peercoinexplorer.net as the new url.

Python ABE explorer is no longer available and abe.peercoinexplorer.net now points to mintr.


Good app. Would love to see it updated.


TLDR: I’m going to appeal the app suspension and report back.

I have evaluated the current position of the app today. I discovered that there was a SSL problem with my trusted servers which I have fixed. If anyone has any problems with the current trusted servers, please get in contact with me.

I have found a bug where the settings and diagnostics menus do not open. This bug exists when I tested on Android 7.

Also Github warns of a vulnerability in one of the dependencies of peercoinj, but this is only used in the tests and does not apply to the app itself. I’m not aware of any vulnerabilities that effect the app.

Since v0.7 reduces the fee requirements, transactions from the app should be compatible with v0.7, though the app will produce slightly higher fees than required. To verify compatibility with v0.7 it would perhaps be a good idea to create a testnet version of the app to test changes to the protocol.

As things stand, I will appeal the suspension of the app on Google play. If the app is not reinstated then I will discontinue all maintenance of the app. My guess is that most people are using the app via google play (there was over a 1000 active installs before it was suspended) and I would like to see it reinstated before doing any other work on it.

If the app is reinstated then I will continue to maintain the trusted servers until September 2020 or later and I will add willy’s new URL to the trusted server list. If the settings menu bug is easy to fix I will do so. The app should still be good to use.

Beyond this, either I can continue to work on the app given adequate funding, someone else can take over maintenance of the app, or maintenance can be discontinued.

If I were to do continued work on the app, I propose that I can do work on an hourly basis from donated funds. This would be the simplest arrangement but it would require a level of trust. But before I contemplate that any further I will appeal the app suspension, so I will let people know how that goes.


To keep people informed, unfortunately Google has rejected the appeal. In their rejection email they claim:

your app currently infringes on the “Peercoin” brand.

I have made a response to this email with further details and arguments and will report back once Google has responded.


Unfortunately Google never replied to my response. If they refuse to respond there is nothing else I can do. I’m sure most users were using the app from Google Play so I will not be maintaining this app any further. I’ll keep my trusted servers online for now, but I may shut them down at any time. I cannot speak for @willy’s server.

Thanks for all that have used the app and have previously given donations. I’m sorry that this has happened.

It will stay online ufn.

Very sad to see this project end.


Matthew, would it be worth a try to upload the apk from a different account?

The project is open-source so people are welcome to try uploading it to a different developer account. However there is no guarantee that it wont be taken down again.

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You need to use a different package name because “com.matthewmitchell.peercoin_android_wallet” already exists in Google Play.


I’m not sure about all the tings you’d need to do on the top of my head, but you can refactor the package name in Android studio to something else and then change the package name in the AndroidManifest.xml and build.gradle files. I’d then search for any remaining occurrences of the package name to ensure that it has been changed everywhere.

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I have now shutdown the servers. @willy’s server appears to still be online and the software to create trusted servers continues to exist here: https://github.com/MatthewLM/valid-hash-server

I am trying to update to LadyBUG, my peercoin wallet 3.1 won’t sync… from 2015.

My back up file, ’ Peercoin-backup-2023-01-01’ doesn’t open with the newer peercoin wallet. its a Unix executable file. Not a wallet.dat file.

My older peercoin wallet doesn’t update and shows an older peercoin price.
this is on an Android tablet. How do I move my peercoins to the new version of LadyBUG to the new Peercoin wallet.

This is a big problem. I need help.

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@MatthewLM is it safe to turn off the Abe server now? I’m still running one, it sees no action and the last version of the app that I have won’t sync anyway.

Certainly, it appears that the app cannot connect to any peers and it’s no longer functional in any event.


did abe server break after removal of timestamps?

Don’t think so. I had an integration test checking ABE regularly. It was more like matthew said, it wouldn’t connect to peers anymore.

perhaps because abe reports protocol version too low and peers disconnect it? what protocol version number it sends?