[ANN] PeerAssets: P2TH paper published

Hi Peercoiners,

Today I published the Pay-to-TagHash (P2TH) paper at http://peerassets.github.io/P2TH/

Make sure to watch the PeerAssets organization on github! https://github.com/PeerAssets

Thanks to all reviewers for all their valuable feedback, I hope you all like this work.


Cool, looks great, and look forward to reading it

P.S. I had a look at your twitter that thought the Japanese skateboarder was also cool!

I made a function in javascript that converts a string/hex to tag: https://jsfiddle.net/8hx81dL5/1/

With this it function would not be that hard to create a spawn transaction with peercoinjs-lib, I reckon


Good stuff!
We might want to create a set of unit test cases to make sure that all implementations generate the same output.

The example from my paper fails with your code.

var EXPECTED=“12w3JJ84RXmJUZTgafJJ91vvLg8oU5djUG”, INPUT=“tag and salt”;

if (getP2THProofOfBurn(INPUT,‘hex’,‘bitcoin’)!=EXPECTED) alert(‘nope’)[/code]

I guess this is because javascript strings are utf16 encoded.
Can you reencode the string to utf8 and try to run this test case?


I am not sure I get it.

so Sha256 of ‘tag and salt’ is not ‘1c10414dcb936c62858bddde3ac1465d87dfa723e0e208e04ba8e475b84020b1’?

This tool tells me I am correct:

the code already works with utf8:
if (message.constructor == String)
message = Crypto.UTF8.stringToBytes(message);

Yes, you are correct.
Maybe bitcoin-tool is incorrect.
I’ll investigate this later.

That’s why we need a test set when we implement PeerAssets :wink:

Yes, you are correct. Maybe bitcoin-tool is incorrect. I'll investigate this later.

any feedback yet?

Sorry, didn’t investigate yet.
I’m too busy with PeerKeeper and limited in time.

You are waiting on this?

Well if your paper needs correction (and the bitcoin-tool), better as early as possible before the hype starts. If the problem lies on the above example, then I ll correct it.

Just for kicks, I made a P2TH converter with vue: https://jointhepartypooper.github.io/Pay-to-TagHash--P2TH--calculator/

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