[ANN] Mercator: the first PeerAssets explorer!

I’m pleased to announce my latest creation!


Mercator is a collection of modular elixir applications that can be used to build:

  • Blockchain explorers (peercoin supported :wink: )
  • PeerKeeper backend
  • Specialized PeerAssets nodes
  • PeerAssets explorers

As a first Mercator application, I published a PeerAssets explorer for peercoin’s testnet.
This application allows to discover all published PeerAssets tokens on ppc’s testnet (as PA is still in test phase).


Please consider donating:
Mercator: PMERCAoRC3niFtqr4Mzw1skUi5nvVMhJic
PeerAssets: PAdonateFczhZuKLkKHozrcyMJW7Y6TKvw

Source code: https://github.com/PeerAssets/mercator
Docker image: https://hub.docker.com/r/hrobeers/mercator/

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Very cool! You’ve been a busy bee :slight_smile:

Yes! Nice work hrobeers. Thank you sir.

Ohh, I’d love to see a Peercoin blockchain explorer work.

Nice job hrobeers – you’re bringing Christmas early this year with this gift. :slight_smile: