[ANN] EmerCoin

EmerCoin - SHA- 256
Cryptocurrency with Proof-of-Stake + Proof-of-Work mining. Developed by our team on ppc.fixx.ru.
Short : EMC

Site: emercoin.com
Pool: pool.emercoin.com
Wallet and sourses Windows, Linux, FreeBSD (ver 0.2.4) - sourceforge.net
Blockchainexplorer(beta) http://pool.emercoin.com/blockinfo?blockNum=1
Market Capitalization http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/emercoin

Based on PPCoin. More focused on the production of coins by PoS than PoW.
Mining has a bonus on the interval 1-512 difficulty for high initial issue of coins.
Further difficulty will gradually increase, making PoS mining more promising.

EMC established as the local currency of a number of Internet projects (social networks, research projects, networking, games) as well as to support and sponsor hightech projects (robotics, electric vehicles, submersibles).

Of course, EMC is available for any cryptocurrency operations.

There will be no pre-mining. Binaries and sources will be available on December 10 2013 (18-00) Moscow (+3 GMT).

  • Total coins: 1 * 10^9 EMC
  • PoW block spacing changes from 10 seconds to 10 minutes depending on number of found blocks and difficulty.
  • Award for block is 5020 EMC ( decreases depending on difficulty)
  • Difficulty is recalculated each block
  • PoS - 6% per year
  • Confirmations for new block : 32

Updated the main topic.

EMC now resides accelerated evolution PPC network, see what happens next!

Buy EMC 100 = 0.5$ 1000 = 5 $ 10000 = 50 $ payment PayPal or Webmoney BL 237

SFO1 Datacenter
Sat Dec 14 07:57:00 2013

We are investigating reports of problems in SFO1 Datacenter, we’ll update as we know more
Sat Dec 14 07:57:32 2013

Now everything is fine, the pool has a good power reserve, ready to take up to 50 Th

Released version 0.1.1 client. entered commands to view extended statistics blockchain!

  • { “getrawtransaction”, &getrawtransaction, false},
  • { “listunspent”, &listunspent, false},
  • { “createrawtransaction”, &createrawtransaction, false},
  • { “signrawtransaction”, &signrawtransaction, false},
  • { “sendrawtransaction”, &sendrawtransaction, false},
  • { “decoderawtransaction”, &decoderawtransaction, false},

Introducing the new service - Emerfor.org
While this prototype distributes 10 EMC anyone who comes with a unique address IP.
But the main idea - sponsoring the project Folding @ Home using a crypto-currency.

v 0.2.2

Advanced dynamic IP protocol STUN added

v 0.2.3

Fixed a bug (stop downloading the chain) in a 32-bit version of Linux

Released version v 0.2.4

There are two new features which have no analogues in Bitcoin, Peercoin:


Deletes transaction from wallet.dat and memory pool.
Does not delete transaction from blockchain,
affects local wallet/mempool only.

Command useful for delete unconfirmed transaction from a wallet.
Unconfirmed transaction can happening as minting/mining collision result,
or frozen transaction in the orphaned block(s).

When transaction deleted, it’s inputs restored back to unspent
status in the local wallet.

If some confirmed transaction has been deleted, you can restore it in the wallet
by run emercoin program with option -rescan.

gettxlistfor [type=0] [verbose=0]

This feature allows you to get extended statistics on transactions of any EMC-address.
In fact, we did built blockchain-explorer allows you to chain analysis blocks.

The parameter “type”: 0 - show all sent and received transaction 1 - only received 2 - only sent (default = 0)

Option “Verbose”: 1 - show details with the transaction amount, 0 - only TX ID transaction (default = 0)