[ANN] Centz "Early Bird" special offer

Thanks to all Centz supporters for your early interest in Centz

In close co operation with Centz Inc., and as an “EARLY BIRD” offer prior to the ISO coming up in March 31, 2017, OpenLedger Crowd Funding Lab. is happy to offer you a way to become an «early bird».

OpenLedger is proud to present - Centz, the Gift Card Exchange, Where Any and All Cents Count!

Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger said about his partnership with Centz:

Welcome to the Centz “Early Bird” offering, an offer specially made for you who has a wish to buy in early getting in on some added benefits not available during ISO itself…

The buy in early price is based on the ISO starting rate in tier 1 on March 31 at 0,80 USD per CNTZ token. 6 million tokens have been made available during the Early Bird out of totally 16 million tokens available.

Buying 1 BTC worth of CNTZ tokens will give you 5% extra tokens on top as a special Early Bird bonus
Buying 20 BTC worth of CNTZ tokens will give you 20% extra tokens on top as a special Early Bird bonus
Buying 50 BTC worth of CNTZ tokens will give you 50% extra tokens on top as a special Early Bird bonus

Any of the above mentioned orders will be sent to the accounts respectively with the added bonus on top in one full transfer. So your order will be multiplied either with 1,05: 1,20 or 1,50.

This is just one of many reasons making it worth your while to buy in early. You will find all the other incentives in the offer on the webiste as per below link. On top of it all funds are release accordingly to set milestones only.

With above information in mind it is therefore our great pleasure to invite you to follow below link to receive our special offer for a limited group of people. We offer an added way to earn extra value in case you have a network and wish to share your experience. This added offer will arrive in your mailbox upon confirmation of payment of first order.

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Gift Card Industry Blockchain Disruptor, Centz

Actualizing its vision of becoming THE go-to blockchain crowdfunding provider, OpenLedger is pleased to offer an early-bird pre-ISO opportunity with a venture set to revolutionize the $150 billion gift card industry: Centz.

Establishing a digital gift card system with the “Goldbucks” crypto-tokens, Centz offers a solution to the age-old problems of gift-cards: what happens if you get a gift card for somewhere you don’t want to shop - and/or what to do with that last bit of credit after a purchase. With Centz’ cards, any amount of Goldbucks can be transfered for use at any vendor within the network - ensuring the gift cards can always be spent where the receiver want.

Working closely with Centz on the crowdfunding, token issuance, marketing & PR, OpenLedger is also handling escrow management for the campaign - meaning that with funds time-released to pre-determined milestones, investors can take comfort knowing their capital is spent according to plan - and if the venture were not make it to launch for unforeseen reasons, part will be returned.

Also, tokens are to be exchangeable for Goldbucks that can be spent at the network’s retailers via e-gift cards.

Get more info about Centz’s special holidays offer right here: https://steemit.com/giftcards/@bloggersclub/gift-card-industry-blockchain-disruptor-centz

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Our new article about Centz and Gift Card Market

Centz — Use all your giftcards like never before
One of Centz’s long term goals is to forge Gold Bucks into a stand-alone cryptocurrency that will be traded as an valuable asset itself while being utilized for all kinds of stored value transfers.

To reach that pivot point, Centz is constructing the most efficient gift card registration and trading platform in the world.
Registering all individual identities and gift card balances on the blockchain eliminates the biggest problems and restrictions for the safe and secure use of gift cards. Concurrently, Centz will disrupt the gift card market leveraging the blockchain to generate revenue in ways that have never been done before.

Blockchain technology allows Centz to deliver cutting edge security to totally eliminate fraud and money laundering. Similar to credit cards, the % of fraudulent activity is on the rise which ruins the shopping experience for all. Our proprietary blockchain solutions will be adopted by the retail industry once breakage is eliminated. Partnering with Centz is the only way that the industry can “make up” for the lost funds of breakage.
Currently the industry pays 4 ½% to both the issuer and seller of gift cards. Centz will provide both of these functions together more efficiently and at lower cost by issuing totally safe egift cards securely locked on to our blockchain.

As the shift to online, storage, sales and delivery of egift cards increases, the Centz wallet will become the only option which combines gift, reward, loyalty and coupon credits in one place, so they are always available for immediate use.

Centz’s vision is one where we see the true potential of gift cards by combining the use of the blockchain, which will enable Centz to revolutionize the payment industry in ways that are unimagined today by this sleepy and forgotten industry.

Read the full artcile here: https://medium.com/@openledger/centz-gift-cards-and-the-blockchain-2b96e7af94c3#.bn5db3s0a

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Centz has designed a completely new business model by integrating unique patent pending features into our platform that solves the industry problems from end-to-end. This provides a positive and fun experience that focuses solely on our consumers. Centz’s business model bridges the gaps between consumer desire and the reality of gift card usage and redefines the gift card marketplace, making the gift card experience revolutionary, seamless, safe and easy.

Hear more about Centz & Centz’s ICO on Beyond Bitcoin #191 (2nd Segment) HERE

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