[ANN] AnycoinDirect.eu: Buy and sell Peercoin and other cryptocurrencies instant

Buying Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies used to be a complicated process, especially for beginners. For this reason we started the company Bitplaats in April 2013. Soon we became one of the trusted Bitcoin companies of the Netherlands and Belgium. After being active for one year in the Dutch and Belgium Bitcoin market we wanted to expand our services to the rest of Europe.

We repeatedly got questions from our customers if we were also going to sell Peercoin and other cryptocurrencies. These question led to starting the project Anycoin Direct. At Anycoindirect.eu you can buy and sell Peercoin and other cryptocurrencies easy, fast and secure. Our goal is to let the buy and sell process be as smooth and simple as possible without compromising the security.

By supporting various direct European payment methods (iDEAL, Bancontact and Sofort) it will be possible to buy and sell Peercoin and other cryptocurrencies fast and easy. When we receive a successful payment the coins will automatically be send to your address. When you sell cryptocurrencies to Anycoin Direct the money will be send within 12 hours (at most 2 business days) after receiving the coins. We will wire the money to your bank account through a SEPA bank transfer. Feel free to take a visit to our website, we will be happy to answer any questions.


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Team Anycoin Direct

Welcome to the forums!

Does your company act as the counterparty to each trade, or do you match sellers and buyers within your system?

We act as a counterparty for each trade. Our system works with multiple exchanges so we can make sure we are always able to deliver the coins at a fair price. Another advantage of our platform is the customer service (live support) and a instant delivery of the coins to your own wallet.

The https version doesn’t work. The http version does. Anyone else the same problem?

There is a little problem with our SSL certificate due to problems at our hosting partner. The certificate is reinstalled right now. We expect the certificate to be operational later today.

The new SSL certificate is installed successfully and is operational again.

Anycoin Direct added the payment option SEPA!

The SEPA payment option allows you to buy Peercoin and other cryptocurrencies by a SEPA bank transfer.
When you enter a SEPA order, you will directly go to the order overview. Here you can see the amount you have to pay and the bank account to transfer it to.
If you have any questions about the SEPA order process please let us know or visit our website.


Team Anycoin Direct