Amazon EC2 for Primecoin

Has anyone used this for primecoin mining?

Especially after the difficulty increase?

I was looking at the 32 and 16 core chips which are roughly $28.8 and $57.6/day. How many XPM can these output? Is it worth it?

Any experience with this or any other amazon chips would be much appreciated.

One of those nodes might yield a couple of XPM a day at best. I think you’ll be spending a lot more than you’ll make by using AWS.

I did some tests with Amazon c3.8xlarge, but I am quite disappointed with the resuts:

“version” : “v0.1.2.0xpm-hp11-unk-beta”,
“protocolversion” : 70001,
“walletversion” : 60000,
“balance” : 0.00000000,
“blocks” : 326725,
“moneysupply” : 3704270.03002805,
“timeoffset” : 0,
“connections” : 8,
“proxy” : “”,
“testnet” : false,
“keypoololdest” : 1387840524,
“keypoolsize” : 101,
“paytxfee” : 0.00000000,
“errors” : “”

“blocks” : 326725,
“chainspermin” : 24,
“chainsperday” : 0.21109102,
“currentblocksize” : 2805,
“currentblocktx” : 8,
“difficulty” : 10.18756902,
“errors” : “”,
“generate” : true,
“genproclimit” : -1,
“primespersec” : 6813,
“pooledtx” : 8,
“sieveextensions” : 9,
“sievepercentage” : 10,
“sievesize” : 1000000,
“testnet” : false

Can anyone explain, why the value for “chainsperday” is that low?
According to ( I should be able to get better results, right?

Now that the difficulty is above 10, all the various hardware comparison charts need to be redone.

maybe datacoin, and better use spot instance

Today I did some tests with cc2.8xlarge (32 vCPU, 88 ECU):

[STATS] 2013-12-25 22:34:41 | 6795 primes/s, 109852 tests/s, 2520 5-chains/h, 0.216 chains/d

My questions:

  1. How much XPM can I expect to mine with these stats? (on pool
  2. Is the following calculator still valid (after the chain length increase from 9 to 10)? =>

Best regards,

Hi guys!

  1. Mining on cc2.8xlarge can be profitable only if its price is lower than $0.10/h. Unfortunately its spot price is $0.43-0.46.

Other instances (c3.8, c3.4) are absolutely meaningless because of even higher production cost.

Here are some stats:
EC2 c3.4xlarge (55 EPU) 16 threads Xeon E5-2680v2, Ubuntu13 (Oregon) 3800-4000 pps ( miner) ~0.81$/h
EC2 cc2.8xlarge (88 EPU) 32 threads Xeon E5-2670, Win8 (Oregon) 6200-6400 pps ( miner) ~0.46$/h
EC2 c3.8xlarge (108 EPU) 32 threads Xeon E5-2680v2, Win8 (N.California) 6900-7000 pps ( miner) ~1.0$/h

Real mining speed is 1-1.5 XPM ($2-3 for now) per day :frowning:

Better go and buy some BTC for cash…

  1. Calculator is seems to be quite good, my values confirmed.

do you think these numbers would be the same if you had your own E5-2680 server? I have one i can potentially use for mining, however, I would like to know how much revenue i would get. Dual processor.


Does anybody know, how to make jhprimeminer slower? For example, 50% usage of CPU (20%, 10%…) . I’ve tried to insert different sleep() into source code, but without success :frowning: .

Just use -t 4 to use 4 cores, if you for example have 4 cores on the system use -t 2 to only use 2 of them. That would result in ~50% usage.

Adding sleep into the miner code is the worst thing you can do.
In fact if you are doing such things don’t fiddle around with the code at all :slight_smile:

I know about threads, but this is not what I’m looking for.
I would load CPU for 10-20%, not more, because it’s doing other tasks.

[quote=“druzhkov, post:12, topic:1243”]I know about threads, but this is not what I’m looking for.
I would load CPU for 10-20%, not more, because it’s doing other tasks.[/quote]

while using linux you can try cpulimit