Altcoin long term investments

I currently am only a BTC and LTC owner and in it for the long term. Have recognized quite the ROI with both of these. I have been researching peercoin lately and am going to add that to my cryptocurency portfolio. Another alt coin that I have been researching lately but do not have my mind made up on whether to invest in it or not is name coin. Anyone have any thoughts on the potential benefits/downfalls of namecoin. I am curious what cryptocurrencies you are invested in and why?

I’ve personally avoided Namecoin because it’s confusing by being both a dns system AND a coin. That will always be a schizophrenic duality about the coin. I think people feel safer with a currency JUST being a currency.

That said it might do well, but my intuition for a long time has been that PPC will be a much better long term investment.

I am sold on Peercoin. Just don’t want to buy after a huge run up on price on btc-e even though long term it shouldn’t matter at what price your buying at currently. I do feel namecoin has some merit. It is has been around longer yet seems to be more in its infancy with a lack of infrastructure being built on top of it. Namecoin has potential but needs people to be improving upon it in order for it to be successful

Can’t hurt to hold some Namecoin, if you have the means.

Personally I never time the market. I kept buying all through the bubble of April even. To me the smart thing to do is focus on a goal of HOW MANY coins you can accumulate given your finances. It’s fun to have a goal of ‘x’ number coins that you want to hold and strive to reach it.

No one can predict the market in the end. To me timing is just a stressful game (though some like it). I buy and hold long term and try to be zen about it. :slight_smile:

HAHA I am all about being zen. I am more of a buy and hold long term holder as well. I just want to buy low to maximize the amount of peercoins I will have to hold long term. Once I get my peercoins and figure out how to work proof of stake with them on my mac then I am all zen from there :slight_smile:

i like how both of you use the word zen, sounds chill and relaxing with your coins.

i only hold ppc but nmc is a very good coin, wouldn’t hurt to hold some.

I know this is a peercoin talk forum but I don’t see why not discuss the value in other crypto currencies. To me Namecoin is very interesting and I want to hold some for the long term but over 800% growth in a little over a week has prevented me from buying the coin now. I am curious whether people see potential in namecoin or other altcoins

From what I have come across I believe the coins worth holding for the long term are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perrcoin, and Namecoin but would like to have an intelligent discussion within an accepting and hopefully unbiased community. Ialready know peercoin is great!

Also this forum serves as the Primecoin forum as well yet there seems to be very little XPM talk and support. I personally don’t see much value in holding XPM for the long term besides the resistance to centralized mining. Any primecoin supporters want to weigh in?

[quote=“teddyb797, post:6, topic:903”]i like how both of you use the word zen, sounds chill and relaxing with your coins.

i only hold ppc but nmc is a very good coin, wouldn’t hurt to hold some.[/quote]

You only hold ppc and no other crypto currencies? bold!

I have a large stake of my crypto currency portfolio in peercoin but not all of it

[quote=“kschneezy, post:8, topic:903”][quote=“teddyb797, post:6, topic:903”]i like how both of you use the word zen, sounds chill and relaxing with your coins.

i only hold ppc but nmc is a very good coin, wouldn’t hurt to hold some.[/quote]

You only hold ppc and no other crypto currencies? bold!

I have a large stake of my crypto currency portfolio in peercoin but not all of it[/quote]

im 100% PPC since day one, she hasnt let me down yet. i think its good to diversify, but i have so much faith in PPC i dont want to sell it to buy other coins and i dont have any more money to invest in cryptos, so im stuck with 100% PPC.

also, most primecoiners are originally peercoiners so most of them just talk in the peercoin section since it’s been here forever (me). i did mined up some prime when it first released… got 40 primes with my old ass laptop. :-\

NMC for hold.

WorldCoin and Namecoin. :slight_smile:

Peercoins - primary stock
Bitcoins - secondary stock
Primecoins, Namecoins, Litecoins, devcoins - tertiary stock
Feathercoins, Terracoins, worldcoins, - Mined some back at launch of coin, will hold what i have left but do not expect them to be worth anything soon
doubloons, liquidcoins, BBQcoins, nuggets, + many others… the list is long :stuck_out_tongue: - Worthless and waste of time mining

outside interest: (mined in the past and still have holding under 1BTC worth)
Yacoins, memorycoins

In order:

  1. Peercoin
  2. Litecoin
  3. NXT
  5. A few misc low value coins such as SXC, 42

Investment in order of risk (least to most). Disclaimer: I hold all of these coins so clearly there’s some bias.

bitcoin - first-mover advantage

peercoin - innovative, established, great dev, currently low price but … in serious need of infrastructure and more development activity (which hopefully will come when the price goes up)

litecoin - although scrypt is not a litecoin innovation it still counts for something that you can use your gaming rig to mine these, also there’s a lot of momentum in terms of development & community. Buying litecoin with fiat or BTC at the moment makes sense as at some point the price will spike again.

namecoin - price mirrors litecoin but often with more variation, for this alone it’s worth thinking about as an investment. I’m not convinced of the DNS thing so much, the implementation seems kludgy, also not a huge amount of dev activity, just bug-fixing.

primecoin - not as sure as I was in the past with this, I like the cool innovation but it’s seemingly increasingly like an also-ran to me as the number of interesting coins increases. I guess like all alts the price will go up on the next spike/bubble/to the moon event but probably less stellar than the above coins.

Future possibilities but high risk :

datacoin - primecoin’s first “clone”, currently very cheap with price going down. I like what the developer is doing with this coin, he/she’s exploring the possibilities of the block chain as an uncensorable store of data, latest innovation is web apps hosted on the block chain … cool! It’s very early days, the low price is probably more a reflection of the fact that cryptsy won’t list it because the block chain is gonna get BIG.

tagcoin - is this unique as a coin launched by an entrepreneur rather than a dev?? The guy has a well thought out business plan (coin as reward points system) and a dev team based in the Phillipines, he’s also in it for the long-term. Price has doubled very recently but still cheap, seems to be quite alot of hoarding going on which is pumping the price a bit.

dogecoin - no, I’m serious!! The reddit community is hilarious and easily the most active of the alt-coin communities there. There’s a fair amount of dev & promotional activity. The huge number of coins makes the coin ideal for tipping : “here have 500 dogecoin, it makes me look hugely generous but in fact it’s just a few cents”! However as the feathercoin community story shows, without innovation … momentum is king.

Others : Mastercoin, NXT, Protoshares – boat already sailed? zerocoin, emunie – due diligence required.

+1 for dogegoin. Totally agree with Lovecraftian with regards to it’s reddit community; very hilarious and entertaining lol. It’s fun and and doesn’t take itself too seriously …

Foremost Peercoin - the long-term storage of wealth :slight_smile: But we need more developments soon (e.g. v0.4 wallet), as someone might just launch an improved Peercoin

NXT for the innovation opportunities
Worldcoin for their marketing potential

Litecoins for their market acceptance and liquidity (might exchange them for Bitcoins once the 51% attack issues are solved)

Keeping an eye on all the new developments but due diligence is required (closed sources, good ideas but half baked executions, failing IPOs etc)

I’m participating in Rentberry and 100% confident in the direction the project is taking.
RB already had a working interactive platform with over 250,000 listed properties, 4000+ rental applications processed in the US with plans to branch out internationally this year. I believe starting with Australia, NZ, Canada and UK.
One of the reasons I feel it’s a solid investment is because I can actually see myself using the platform in the future and it legitimately solves many problems which currently exist in the rental property space at the moment. The fact that it raised it’s goal of $30,000,000 in its token sale shows the tremendous amount of confidence and support from the public.
It’s a low risk option that will see token holders accumulating 7% interest from the security deposits which their tokens are initially crowdfunding, but is returned to them when the lease is up + they gain interest paid from the happy tenant who only paid 10% of their deposit a few dollars p/month interest.
That’s my 2 cents anyway! I wont go on anymore, here’s the link if you’re interested: they’re listed at HitBTC also FYI.

Interested to see where everyone else’s heads are at?

That’s already the problem, so this is the percentage of unsuccessful ISO, which were very promising. Fear not to be the same as mentioned above.

Indeed, there are a lot of good and promising altoins for long-term investment. Especially, if behind them there is a cool idea, which there is an opportunity to realize. This is precisely what the chance of investments from large corporations depends on and in the aftermath of the rise in prices as I could see it on .

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