AllTrade cryptocurrency trading application for Windows

[size=14pt]AllTrade cryptocurrency trading application for Windows[/size]
[size=12pt]Download now (v1.2.5 released 2014-8-12)[/size]

A few months ago I started working on AllTrade, a cryptocurrency trading application that would support multiple exchanges, out of frustration having to visit multiple sites to check my balance, profits, etc. After starting out as a simple application just listing a few properties, things got a little out of hand and now the foundation of a sophisticated trading application have been laid out. This topic will serve either as an announcement/promotional thread for future updates as well as discussion, suggestions about AllTrade. A pat on the back is very welcome every now and then too.

Before posting any critisism, please do note that AllTrade is in Alpha stage right now and altough I love getting feedback, please keep things constructive and sane. While AllTrades’ features still seem basic, I’m working with a professional trader to add advanced features.

Originating thread
Getalltrade - trade on many exchanges at the same time (including PPC)

A while ago (May 31st, 2014) Cybnate noticed AllTrade and posted it on this board. I was very surprised and naturally excited someone noticed it! In the meantime I’ve been working very hard on the application and released quite a few new versions. I thought it would be appropriate to open a new thread dedicated to AllTrade myself so I can better inform you of the development of AllTrade.

Admins of this forum: I am aware that there are two posts about AllTrade on the first page of this subforum. I do not intend to spam the forum. I will not create other posts related to AllTrade.

The .net framework 4.5.1 is required for AllTrade to work. I’ve tested AllTrade on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, but it’s possible that it will work on XP Vista too. I’d love to hear!

Download the latest version of AllTrade (currently 1.2.5 alpha release, released 2014-8-12).

I’m working on AllTrade in my free time, next to a 40hr job, wife, kids, ‘social’ life and little sleep :), so if you’d like to support further development of AllTrade, please do so by donating PPC to PQMaenexxXMmyYuQW38azi86fnHd6jE1zL, BTC to 1AFBt9TL7pcWptRmKMKNHQgSCDJKv7PgjN or LTC to LToKpFATpyqi1fSxYTYVXPch9skoRsuaqt. If you prefer donating using another currency, please let me know: I’d be happy to work something out!

If you spot any errors, whether it would be functional or you have a keen eye on source code, please let me know and I’ll fix it right away. Also, suggestions are welcome.

Right now AllTrade is alpha stage. I’m planning to generally release it near the end of 2014.


[ul][li]Multi exchange support[/li]
[li]Few basic graphs[/li]
[li]Buy & Sell orders[/li]
[li]Order history[/li]
[li]Exchange order book[/li][/ul]

Under construction

[ul][li]Stop loss order (fixed price)[/li]
[li]Stop loss order (floating price based on fixed amount)[/li]
[li]Stop loss order (floating price based on fixed %)[/li]
[li]Conditional sell order[/li]
[li]Sell order of % of bitcoin holdings at the moment of sale[/li]
[li]Same type of things for Buy orders[/li]
[li]Programmable parameters & indicators[/li][/ul]

Future outlook
I’d love to release AllTrade to other (mobile) platforms and add parametric automated trading. Also, I’d like to create arbitrage and/or relative trading functionality.

Open source
Until the general release of AllTrade the source code is freely available. Please use and reuse any of it as long as you respect the GPLv3 license. Let me know if you found anything useful, I’d love to hear where my code is reused in. After the general release I will further contemplate on the open source status.

Frequently asked questions

Does AllTrade support automated trading, arbitrage or relative trading?
Currently AllTrade does not support this, allthough this might change in the future. My main focus is getting all main exchanges working individually and offering the same features to each of them, where possible.

Can I view the source?
Sure you can! It’s available here: Please make sure to tip me if you use any of it though ;-).

I’m a bit wary of running executables, how do I know you’re not out to steal my balances or install a trojan?
Allthough I cannot prove 100% that my intentions are good, you must take my word for it on this one. On the other hand you can check my code (see previous point): everything is there. Even build the code and run it and you will see that it’s all safe. If you know a way for me to prove that I’m in this to create something cool, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help out.

Does AllTrade support programmable orders?
Not yet. Although I’m working very hard to add this. The fundamentals are there, they just need to be properly connected. My first target is to add stop-loss functionality to all exchanges.

WIIFY? In other words: What’s in it for me?
Right now AllTrade is free to download and use, but after the general release (I’m aiming at the end of this year) licensing is required to get premium functionality. I’m not really sure yet how much it’ll cost but my feeling says it will be close to 0.1 BTC. I’m thinking about accepting other cryptocurrencies/fiat too. I’m not out to scam you or anyone: I’m out to create the best possible trading application I’m able to develop and I would love to use myself.

When using AllTrade, please be aware that you need to enter de private and public keys from exchanges to make AllTrade work with the exchange API. Some exchanges support limiting API key features and AllTrade encrypts your data with a password, but safety goes before everything.

Although I spent a lot of time and energy working on AllTrade, there are a lot of factors that can interfere with proper functioning. I am not responsible for any losses suffered due to software and/or hardware malfunctioning, defunct internet connections, power outages, offline exchanges, etc.

Anything else?
I tried to give as much information about AllTrade as possible, but you still have questions. Please leave a message, I’ll be happy to answer.
Admins of this forum: please let me know if I need to adjust this post to the rules of this forum. Although I’m not a regular user, I mean no harm.

Reserved for future updates.

[quote=“getalltrade, post:1, topic:2800”]…
Open source
Until the general release of AllTrade the source code is freely available. Please use and reuse any of it as long as you respect the GPLv3 license. Let me know if you found anything useful, I’d love to hear where my code is reused in. After the general release I will further contemplate on the open source status.

Where can I find the source?

Edit: Found the source. Im sorry.
C# is awesome, might take a look @ the source and the program itself. :slight_smile:

You can find it here:

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