All Marketing Tools Now in 1 Place (Logo Files, Biz Cards, Merchant Badges, etc)

Hey everyone, I spent all last night creating a MASSIVE marketing tools thread, which brings together everything scattered around the forum in one place. Please remember this thread any time you need something. You can see all the work put into it at the link below…

Here is the table of contents just so you have an idea of what it includes…

[size=36pt]Table of Contents:[/size]

1. Peercoin:

  • Peercoin Logo Files
  • Minimal Logo Files
  • Merchant Badges
  • Business Cards
  • Vertical Banner
  • Conference Presentation

2. Peershares:

  • Peershares Logo Files

3. Peerunity:

  • Peerunity Logo Files

4. Primecoin:

  • Primecoin Logo Files

If anybody can think of anything else to add, that would be great as well. Here is a list of things we need off the top of my head…

  • Marketing video (When it’s finished)
  • Peercoin pins to wear on shirt at conferences
  • Peercoin clothes or items to buy
  • Ad banners