(Airdrop) Bitcoin Air Official Announcement - Secure Payments as Light as Air!

Hello Peercoin Community!

My name is Anthony and I am the Lead Developer and currently overseeing operations for Bitcoin Air. We are a transparent, none-ICO/none-VC, community focused development building a new coin hard fork from the Peercoin Core. What we are trying to tackle is a stable coin for the small business market and we are currently catching a good amount of traction. I was hoping to gauge a bit of interest from the community on regards to us airdropping you all our coin upon our development finalizing and us completing our main net for the fork. I am totally leaving this up to community choice and I do not want to step on any toes here during my fork process so I feel the most important thing is to offer a vote to you guys/gals if you are interested in receiving the coin.

We are happy to be producing the first Haven Protocol-Bitcoin/Peercoin Bilateral Merge Fork. What this means is we are developing a dual chain Blockchain that can operate as both a payment and value system and a reserves system.

You can read more about our development at:

This article contains all of our social links as well as our Telegram chat if interested. We are dearly hoping for the communities support on this fork and understand that it should be a community decision to support and receive an airdrop.

The process would be done via UTXO addition to our core and it would require you to hold Peercoin through the fork snapshot. To receive the airdrop, you would transfer ALL of your funds OUT of your wallet address (the one you held in through the snapshot) to a safe separate wallet address. You would then take the empty Peercoin wallet Private Key and conduct a “sweep” in our wallet to receive your Bitcoin Air. Please remember to NEVER conduct a sweep for a airdrop with an amount inside of your wallet private key that you are importing. Always send the entire balance to a new address after a snapshot is completed if you plan to receive the airdrop.

Thank you guys for your time in reading about our development at Bitcoin Air and we can’t thank the Peercoin Development team enough for their hard work in developing their awesome blockchain. We hope to only build on it and give back to you guys in the end.

So what do you guys say? Would you like to receive the airdrop?

  • Yes, I am okay with the fork and would like to receive the airdrop.
  • No, I am not okay with the fork and would prefer not to receive the airdrop.

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Bitcoin Air seems like an interesting project, but just for public knowledge, Bitcoin Air is in no way affiliated with the the Peercoin Project, the Peercoin Team or the Peercoin Foundation and we are in no way affiliated with Bitcoin Air.


Can you explain the reason for this warning a bit more in depth? Is the fear stemming from a possible trojan horse type attack? If I compile the source code myself and check that my private keys are properly isolated, would I still need to empty my balance before claiming the airdrop?

More generally, do the airdropped coins exist (and count toward the total amount) whether or not they are claimed? Will other people know when the coins are claimed, or can it occur offline? Is there a deadline to claim them?

I am curious about all these questions for several reasons, but one prevalent reason is that minters tend to have many outputs, some of which are stake-locked sometimes and cannot be moved. Moving the entire balance like this in Peercoin can be inconvenient and take several days (not to mention almost costing a real amount of money in fees) for people that are actively engaged in the network’s security.

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This is common practice for the newer individuals to cryptocurrency to practice safe airdrop accumulation. The more advanced members definitely know how to conduct any form of security audit on what they use and that point could decide to proceed how they wish. Our development prior to release will receive a security audit on all ends of usage points with consumers and merchants. Compiling the source yourself 100% gives you control over review of our source code and how we treat your private key when submitted for a sweep. We of course will take all measures necessary to process any usage of a private key in an 100% secure manner.

The airdrop coins would exist, in fact we are in the process of creating a method that will move aged coins that haven’t been claimed yet to a separate claim pool that would allow it to be retrieved in USDAP instead of XAP. This would remove it from circulation and also remove value from the market cap, but would allow the members who review our development at a later time a chance to gather their airdropped coins without missing out or effecting the market health in a substantial way.

We are working on numerous ways to distribute and ensure a widespread powerful network, including providing all of our merchants with a new stake box based on the Peercoin Stake Box to require usage while operating as a merchant in store. (We would love to potentially figure out a partnership with your exact manufacturer where we could develop our own stake box but obviously provide credit back to where due) Although this will not ultimately solve the issue, it will bring it down to a more achievable scale through algorithm revisions as well as the amount of secure consensus needed for such a big action as a complete change to a blocks circulating supply happen multiple times a day.

Thanks for the kind words mate!
To reinforce this statement, we are in no way affiliated with the Peercoin Team or Peercoin Foundation.
Bitcoin Air is a completely separate team, company, and development.

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Hello - This specifically states no airdrop for peercoin holders…

Can you clarify please?

Hey there mate,

Sorry for any confusion, I just made this clear until the decision by the community has been chosen. I did not want to jump the gun and offer the airdrop if the people did not stand for it of course.

Airdrop requires no consent… You say that Peercoin holders will receive air drop however the link you post says they will not. Can you please make it clear which one it is.

He is trying to gauge how many people in the community would be interested in this. If enough vote they are interested then I assume he would include Peercoin in that post. If they aren’t then they would decide not to do an airdrop on Peercoin holders.

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I don’t have a position on an airdrop now, but if there is one, there should be a long period to claim - maybe at least double the 90 day Peercoin max coin age. In order to prevent negative consequences to the PoS minting resources on the network.

The focus on small merchants is a good one.

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They technically do NOT require any consent, but being as I prefer to not step on any toes and receive backlash in regards to a development potentially not wanting to be forked at the time, I am just ensuring I have a greater consensus then my own. As I stated, upon the Peercoin community providing a overall decision, I will pursue this choice.

The airdrop coins would in fact have a solid claim period. We are in the process of creating a method that will move aged coins that haven’t been claimed yet to a separate claim pool that would allow it to be retrieved in USDAP instead of XAP. This would remove it from circulation and also remove value from the market cap, but would allow the members who review our development at a later time a chance to gather their airdropped coins without missing out or effecting the market health in a substantial way.

How many bitcoin air will peercoin holders get for each peercoin they have I think the bitcoin air project looks very promising and am looking forward too peercoin being a part of it

The ratio would be a variable ratio that would equate down to matching the current supply of XHV during the time of the fork. This means that while XHV grows, the rate will lessen. At this rate it would be around 11.4PCC:1XAP, but as XHV grows by the day, it would approach a ratio closer to 6:1 or 5:1

that will be great for peercoin holders looking forward too it

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Thank you for your interest into the development. I appreciate the vote casted and look forward to providing this airdrop to the PPC community!

Can you up date the information too show that peercoin holders will receive bitcoin air it currently says they will not

Hello Verdell,

I will ensure ALL information is updated upon full completion of the vote for the Peercoin community. This vote will be maintained for at least 10 more days to give sufficient time for the community to put their opinion in.


The way you phrase the poll includes the word ‘fork’, but this isn’t actually a fork of Peercoin in any way. Perhaps you would get better results if you made that more clear.


You are correct I will try and rephrase the vote. I do believe we are conducting a fork as a development team and will be offering a airdrop to the community.