ACTION REQUIRED: Activist position finalizations (Please complete)

** If you filled out a survey, please see below **

(Note: you should have received this message in an email from just now)

Hi team

We’ve placed everyone into an initial volunteer role based on your survey input.

Please take a look at:

to confirm that you are happy with your assigned volunteer role. If you feel your strengths would best be used in another capacity, let us know in column D and we’ll do our best to get you switched.

As well, put down the times that you would be available to take part in an official launch of our Peercoin activist team. Note that all times are in UTC (link to time conversion is in the document).

Big things are coming very soon, and your volunteer efforts are going to be a big reason why! Let’s generate some small wins and begin expanding on our vision of a world with Peercoin.


I want to put this on Reddit to remind those who haven’t checked their email yet, but I only want to do that if only the people that filled out the survey can edit the document. Can I get a confirmation that this is true? I edited my slot, but I’m not sure if some random person could mess up the whole thing.

Random person could mess it up. Since not everyone left an email, I left it open. It was meant to be just a quick down and dirty check-in.