About the Jobs category

This is a place to post job offers.

To increase safety and avoid getting cheated, please use escrow services.

Escrow becomes the third multisignature participant in the employer-employee-escrow multisignature address. Employer funds the agreed sum + fee for the escrow in the joint multisig and after the work is done escrow validates the job contract by signing the final output transaction.
Escrow is entitled to whatever fee demanded, and is payed from joint multisig.


  • Post job description,
  • Post currency in which job will be paid (cryptocurrency/cryptoassets preferred),
  • If you do not want to state how much are you paying publicly, please stress that out and ask interested parties to contact you privately.
  • If you can’t reach agreement over pre or post payment write a contract and use escrow to make the final decision based on the contract. Refer to list of escrows bellow.



  • Fee 0.25%

If you want to become an escrow, contact @peerchemist and state your fee to get listed.