38 Minute Intro to Peercoin Video & Slides Released! (Shortcut URL's Provided)

Our first marketing proposal has been completed and Chronos has provided us with a 38 Minute Intro to Peercoin Video along with a Slide Deck to go with it. If used effectively, these resources have the potential to bring a lot of new people to the Peercoin community. I have personally purchased the following easy to remember domain names and forwarded them to the video, so the community can easily link others to it…

Remember, anyone can submit a marketing proposal like this one for funding consideration. Just check out the Marketing Fund Board and read the stickies for instructions. We currently have no more proposals on the table, so we’re looking forward to ideas being brought forth by the community!

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[b]- https://twitter.com/PeercoinPPC/status/488761877892435968

Thank you for the dedicated domain names! I will use http://bitcoinvspeercoin.com when sharing this video. This is very helpful.

It’s better to add more animation in the ppt.