23 Million peercoins now in circulation

There are now 23 million peercoins in circulation. Hopeful as the number of coins go up the distribution of ppc becomes fairer.

[center][font=Comic Sans MS][size=18pt]23 million[/font][/center]

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Lets celebrate every million. Remember when 22 million were reached?


Yes. :slight_smile: I’ve been watching the total supply and it’s about time we throw a 23M celebration. :wink:
We can also celebrate the emergence of a new Peercoin market.

I’ve completed some long term analysis concerning PPC/BTC.

I’d like to point out that the On Balance Volume (OBV) has increased ~650% since May 4th 2015 and it is about to cross over the zero line. To put this into perspective we must also take into consideration the relative strength index for both PPCUSD and PPCBTC. If you view the chart that I have just linked to, you can see that the trend of the RSI is cyclical and has an approximate period of about 250 days. Each new period in the cycle has found a higher RSI bottom than the last. When viewing PPCUSD’s 1 week RSI (not shown) we can deduce that a strong positive trend has emerged since we were able to break past the 50 line and continue upwards. Please keep an eye on PPCUSD’s 1 week RSI and note that entering the market when the 1 week RSI is above 70 is not advised.

If you would like more analysis or help learning about any of this feel free to ask. I started a Peercoin Chatroom on TradingView and will be posting analysis weekly. (Perhaps I will start a thread here also).

:tada: 24 million peercoins in circulation :peercoin: