2022 Financial report by the Peercoin Foundation

Since the creation of the Peercoin Foundation in 2018 we are aiming at the utmost transparency of operation. Foundation’s funding is public since day one.

Verify, don’t trust.

PPC Address: p77CZFn9jvg9waCzKBzkQfSvBBzPH1nRre
BTC Address: 3DrygZif7mB359Md5BbN1XFRxX6wBWqmcc
ETH/USDC/WBTC Address: 0xC631f54Aa17F9539c63bcdcdB648cb02a691D7e2
Fiat - USD/EUR by Credit/Debit/Wire: opencollective.com/peercoin

2022 Financial Report Released

The following financial report details all the Peercoin Foundation’s expenses, donations, and conversions (asset management) for the year 2022. The report contains transaction details for all of the Foundation’s addresses and accounts, including Peercoin, Bitcoin, USDC address, and EUR with Open Collective.

The “Jaarstukken” document is produced by an official accountant. This is an official document which Foundation does in order to make the regulators happy.

If you want a more easy-to-read document, use the “Peercoin Foundation Transaction List” document.


Stichting_Peercoin_Foundation_-_Jaarstukken_2022 (2).pdf (748.0 KB)

2022 Peercoin Foundation Transaction List.pdf (362.4 KB)


Thank you for the comprehensive and transparent accounts.

Regarding the $209,000 stored in USDC, this stablecoin lost its peg for a few days following the insolvency of Silicon Valley Bank. Is there an alternative? Tether has its own lack-of-collateral issues, and Binance was recently issued with a forewarning of legal action, which may affect its BUSD coin. I’m not sure what to suggest, except spreading the risk by sharing the fund between USDC and Tether and/or BUSD?

I don’t see any income from peercoin minting, does the Foundation mint its own PPC holding?

Regarding the link to the present 2023 BTC funds, is the 15 BTC deposit on 8th February 2023 a fresh donation? High encouraging, if it is.

Thanks again.

RAI is the safest stablecoin that I know of. It has no peg and operates as a independent central bank in the form of a smart contract.

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i would not advice to buy any asset that listed on on coinbase or binnace. Those will be shut down by SEC any time… No way to runn from wash trading…

Many of the PPC donations are actually staked coins. We will differentiate between staked and donated coins next year.

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Thanks for the clarification. It’s good to see the skills and commitment of Peercoin’s lead developers being properly renumerated. And it’s especially pleasing to see Sentinel’s honorarium after years of dedication to the Peercoin cause.


Yes, it was donated at the beginning of February.