2% interest hourly on PPC and other coins

CryptoHours gives you 2% interest on your Bitcoins and DASH (and other altcoins!) every hour…I’m in with 0.24BTC and getting paid hourly.
You invest, e.g, 0.1BTC, and you’ll get 0.002BTC every hour until you have a total of 0.2BTC!

Is it paying? yes! I have 0.24BTC in the site and here are my proofs which you can track right from my address link.

Original Deposit: 0.24BTC - https://blockchain.info/tx/afcf30c1d7e6071f3ec641e49cafc0842a7a4c9ea9c4bf66b369a8e0952d65e6
Payouts (just 3, the rest can be found on my address link)
Paid to: https://blockchain.info/address/1783Hm6FyUVkPu5L7GXcMxY2RQgdXVJSfu
0.0048BTC - https://blockchain.info/tx/a15650b5d95770cf00edc392a723efb237834b73986c3c43df2817e755fb0c04
0.0048BTC - https://blockchain.info/tx/2e28402285dde38881f1e65b9760beaf2f88214e6b5cca978335beae170b771f
0.0048BTC - https://blockchain.info/tx/9a8b1f696c2b7d08d9ef41384052936defad4348a6307204f58d77ee8da5d336

Visit my address link and you’ll see tens of payments every hour.

What else does the site offer?

  • 2% Interest paid HOURLY until 200% ROI (100% profit)
  • Real Company (GreenSSL and registration within 2 weeks)
  • 10% Affiliate Commission
  • Fast Support
  • Unique Platform
  • 15+ Altcoins, new coins added weekly

visit CryptoHours.com and earn ROI now
URL: https://cryptohours.com
My ref: https://cryptohours.com?aff=7d5555ff26

Several Scam Coins have used High Interest Rates too lure in people. Please Be careful.