12 days and "Not yet redeemed"

Hello, i have really big problem with my transaction. I send Peercoin to my ICO account for pay tokkens. But it never come in. What happend here? I waiting since 12 days and have big loss.

Block Height 343874 (2253 confirmations)
Block Date/Time 2018-01-12 22:11:36
Total Output 77.348092 PPC

I send it from peercoin client software.

the transaction was successful as you can see on blockexplorer, the funds are sitting in address PTb6LGErU1JGDNBprugVPGPKvpqTH2oPZc

I dont know what ICO you are talking about or which account, but I suggest you contact them, or whoever owns that address and ask what is going on.


Hi, thank you for reply !!!
I send it to my storiqa deposit account. It never comes in and i talking every day with there support team. They reply me, the coin wasnt send now, because “Not yet redeemed” cryptoid sayd that. They mean, my coin is not transfer complete.

i really dont know what i can do.

it was sent 2018-01-12 23:11:36
on cryptoid “not yet redeemded” means the coins are not used yet,
you can see in the previous outputs that those were redeemed

to use in your transaction of 77 PPC


0.348092 PPC was sent to PThCQCcycdESU5XRTRnJMTtJXY3ra7iA2Z (probably your change address)

and those outputs have not been “redeemed” yet because they have not been used in a new transaction, but the funds are there

it seems to be an issue on storiqa’s side, you need to resolve it with them, maybe there is some other person you can talk to from storiqa who understands better what is going on?

Now, i understand. Thank you for explane. Ok i will talk with storiqa again.

I have the same problem with storiqa PPC address.
I sent PPC from 2018-01-18 11:14:27 and it’s still “Not yet redeemed” until now.


Do you solve it with them?

not redeemed means it is an “unspent output”
they have received it

Hi Sonah, i have no solution :frowning: the support dont answer me. i wait for 18 Days now ! my PPC is gone

idk how it works exactly, but it says “Withdrawal procedure will start before 13 February”
maybe you have to wait until than?