Zerocoin "single character" typo nets hacker 410 BTC (Peercoin has avoided this)


Luckily for us, Peercoin’s code has avoided something like this:

News Article:

A typographical error on a single additional character in [Zerocoin] code allowed an attacker to create Zerocoin spend transactions without a corresponding mint.

Just one more way I’ve appreciated Peercoin’s development from August 2012 to Feb 2017 so far.

I hope our trend continues. :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s messed up.


@ppcman Can’t this happen also to Peercoin? I’m almost sure there is at least one typo present in the code. Of course, it has matured over the last 5 years, but new code is merged. So tell me, why shouldn’t this happen to Peercoin?


I simply implied that the single chracter typo wasn’t affecting peercoin code. We avoided that problem… it didn’t affect us… We have different code.