Ypool finds most new blocks

Ypool is finding 40 - 50 blocks per hour. If on average one block is found a minute, it looks like ypool is getting 70% - 80% primecoin blocks. This really doesn’t make primecoin network look robust.

Not great. Assuming that ypool has 80% chance of finding a new block at each height:

This means that there is 50% chance they find 3 blocks in a row, and 20% chance that they find 7 blocks in a row. They even have 1% chance of finding 20 blocks in a row (!), which is not negligible.

Assuming that ypool were to implement an attach on the cryptocurrency, they could happily catch up to become a longer chain in many scenarios of a few blocks old.

This is bad news for confirmation waiting times, one of the advantages XPM has over BTC…

Ypool has good incentives not to mess with primecoin because it has a lot to lose if people loose confidence and XPM crashes. However its dominant role in primecoin mining creates more attack vectors and more incentive to potential attackers…