Your opinion about a new wallet

Hi everyone!

I represent Magnum Wallet, a light multicurrency wallet, and I ask you to share your opinion about our project

We did a remarkable job communicating with coin holders and got a foretaste of a perfect wallet — it must be decentralized and universal to provide safety and convenience. Currently Magnum Wallet supports nine coins, including Peercoin

The core principles of Magnum Wallet:

  1. We have no access to the users’ assets. That’s our main rule!
  2. We do care about being credible and cognizant of users trust. Thus we are trying to communicate with users transparently in the public channels
  3. We respect users’ privacy and the right to remain anonymous, at the same time; however, we follow the law in business and KYC policy

Magnum is a user-friendly GUI and secure product and uses Vue.js framework, Vuex to organize encrypted data safely. Transparency and decentralization of the crypto exchange without third parties has always been one of the main goals of the blockchain technology. Due to that Magnum Wallet will definitely support Atomic Swap soon


We invite you to try Magnum
If you’re afraid we are scam, you can easily check the wallet with the profiler, considering it is a browser wallet. If you’re still unsure, don’t send money — just try it and give us feedback on it looks for you, does it work well and so on

Also we’ve got absolutely awesome online airdrop calculator >:3



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Currently Magnum Wallet source code is not available, but we are planning on revealing it.

Right now you can view network requests in your browser’s developer console to be sure that we do not send any private data to the internet.

I gave this one a try and the first impression was really good.

Solid work!

It’s very gratifying to hear that!