Yiazo Bitfury2 miner 30-380Ghs BIG SALE ! starting at 70 euro

You do not have to wait for Black Friday November 28 !
[size=20pt]Yiazo is having a BIG SALE now ![/size]

This is a change to buy one of the best, stable, energy-efficient and easy-to-setup Miners that are available.

Miners are IN STOCK, no pre-order, we ship within 2 days after payment is received. Please note we have limited stock.

[size=14pt]SALE PRIZES[/size]

YBF-M Bitfury mining mainboard NOW = [size=14pt]20 euro[/size]
YBF14S-H Bitfury mining board NOW = [size=14pt]20 euro[/size]

Extra discount on Miner sets, in a Miner set YBF-M = 20 euro 10 euro

YBF 90+ GH/s Miner set 1x YBF-M + 3x YBF-H NOW = [size=14pt]70 euro[/size]
YBF 150+ GH/s Miner set 1x YBF-M + 5x YBF-H NOW = [size=14pt]110 euro[/size]
YBF 300+ GH/s Miner set 1x YBF-M + 10x YBF-H NOW = [size=14pt]210 euro[/size]

[size=12pt]Please order at our website yiazo.com.[/size] We accept BTC (thru Bitpay) and Euro - Banktransfer SEPA



[size=10pt]I have 3 special sets of the YBF 150+ GH/s Miner set [1x YBF-M + 5x YBF-H] for the Peercoin-fans available for payment in PPC with an extra 10% discount. Please contact me if you are interested, PPC payment can be done by Coinpayments.net, direct buyer-seller or escrow (if available in the PPC world, I never used it here).[/size]

I agree with the comments left on bitcointalk. Awesome price reduction. But, this is still way too expensive compared to the S4 for real miners (those who want to reach th/s).