At long last, KillerByte and myself are ready to release the public Beta of our XRamPool for Primecoin mining: http://xpool.xram.co/

Our pool features:

[ul][li]A 1% Pool fee[/li]
[li]Multiple miner support[/li]
[li]Xolokram’s Primeminer[/li]
[li]A high variance payment system[/li]
[li]Accepts 6-chains[/li]
[li]DDoS resistance[/li]
[li]Room to grow (not to name any overloaded servers…)[/li]
[li]Two admins[/li][/ul]

We are currently planning to implement the following:

[ul][li]Improved individual user statistics[/li]
[li]A list of the top 5 miners[/li]
[li]A Chat room[/li]
[li]A Lottery[/li]
[li]And eventually more Cryptocurrencies[/li][/ul]

For information on connecting to our server view our tutorial: http://xpool.xram.co/tutorial

Warning: We have not been able to test with many connections yet so we may have a bumpy start, however we will do are best to resolve any issues that do arise in a timely fashion.

Happy Mining!


awesome work here guys :slight_smile: i’ll be happy to point a miner at your pool and help you out when i get home


This pool looks really cool, but I’d like to ask a favor since you’ll probably be checking out this thread. I’ve been doing research for weeks on how to start a site like yours or ypools for myself and friends to connect to, so I was wondering if you could at the very least point me in the right direction. I’ve managed to get an RPC server up via the primecoin wallet and clients do connect, but it seems I am only able to access limited info regarding the “pool” and I am unaware of how to get the x.pushtrough method working. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry but we are currently experiencing some problems and I am posting this from a tablet so we will try to have this fixed by the weekend.

We have reason to believe the problems are being caused by an out of date server OS preventing the use of up to date software, we are going to upgrade it and go from there.

Sorry for the delay on the update, I finally thought of asking this morning. Our server software has been tested on on up to date system, we have found no problems, but the server is out of date, and we have no physical access because it is at a data center and it is not ours. (We are planning on buying our own). We got, around last week, full permission to upgrade it, we have been waiting for a reply explaining how we are to do that since.

Could anyone shed some light on how to upgrade a server without physical access; we are going from CentOS to Arch.

Hi guys, I’ve started using your pool.
I discovered a block (10-chains as well!)
However I have received no payout… How many confirmations until I receive the payout?

This is the block I discovered 303334 which has several hundred confirmations now!

Hi ,im now mining on your pool and im just wondering about rewards. When and how much are u usually sending ?

Is it possible to tell me how you get the work that needs to be done?

Im trying to build a miner and so far I dont understand where you get the work that needs to be done from. The Getwork command on the primecoin-qt client crashes my client.

I am closing this thread, please direct all questions and comments to http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=1501.0