XPM transaction fees


As far as i have read in sources, it seems than unlike Bitcoin, XPM uses a fixed fee of 0.01 (CENT) for all transactions.
Perhaps, it should be a good idea to enable a smallest fee when sending small amounts… something like 0.0001 XPM when amount < 0.01

Do you think it should be possible, or this “limit” is given by concept ?

There is a similar thread here -> http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=3351.msg32614#msg32614

I think it’s likely that Sunny will change fee policies if XPM price increases and so do absolute transaction costs.

At the moment XPM transactions are still very cheap, so I don’t think there is a real need to push this up in the developement pipe.

This is by design - to give a counter-incentive to spam (micro tx), and unlike Peercoin, is not destroyed and goes into miners reward