XPM change to PayPal

Hello, have 100 XPM who can help to change it PayPal money? What is rate 1 XPM today $.

Thank you.

How much are you looking to get in USD?

PM me :slight_smile:

4.2$ per XPM not low :wink:

Have 500 XPM. 8)

cool, pm for pp detail ?

XPM all sold, next week can be around 200 XPM.

Is it possible to exchange XPM to cash too? Else, which is more convenient, mine XPM and exchange to BTC or sell them to get cash?

I’d rather change to BTC, then sell BTC for cash, to avoid a tax trail.

macmainer, I am impressed. You and I started mining XPM around the same time, and I remember guiding you towards setting up the xolominer for Linux, now you have made 500+ XPM in 10 days?! Share your secret of all that power =P

I’m sure macmainer has lot’s of CPU power for extremly low cost or for free ;D


For XPM to USD conversion.

I also have XPM for sale, I take paypal.

If anyone is interested just shoot me a PM.

Thank you

I would not count on crypto-trade.

For PayPal you can use btctopp.com

I have about 240XPM for sale if anyone is interested. PM!

I want to buy XPM. I dont know how…
I tried https://litebit.eu/ buying 3x10 paysafecards, but after bought it i CANT use paysafecards there.Dont know why, theres a beautifull stick of paysafecard. If someone accept paysafecard for saling XPM, contact…

If not, some other alt for buying, i thought about Paypal but theres a user that says me: scam someone else

What country are you in? Best to swap cash to BTC then trade the BTC for XPM at btce.


Yep, but even Cash-BTC is not so easy…

Maybe the easiest make a OK account, wire transfer, some exchanger… and my account

Visa to Neteller to Virwox, convert to ssl then btc and then to xpm on btc-e. Or Paypal to Virwox (other steps remain the same).

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Hi people, I have to advice you that this “AngrySentinel” its a motherfuc***. He stole my money and i received nothing.

Sure, I cant do nothing (already contact Police but to hard for international/online/cryptocoins/etc to do something usefull). But tell you be carefull with yours trades.
After 72hours he received my money, y got nothing.

His last MP to me was: