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[font=Calibri][size=16pt]Hello community members and welcome to our thread![/size]
For those who don’t know, Xotika.TV is the #1 adult video chat platform that is powered exclusively by Bitcoin. We were the premium sponsor at the AWSummit among other successful sites in the adult industry and our exposure is steadily growing. The internet went mainstream on the back of the adult industry (even the battle between HD DVD and Blu Ray was decided by the adult film industry), and we believe bitcoin will do the same.[/size]

[size=12pt]Compared to the rest, Xotika.TV is quite different. We present a pay-as-you-wish, à la carte selection of channels with absolutely no obligations. Performers have access to their earnings within minutes, and our atmosphere is super friendly. Our focus is to create a tasteful experience for optimal immersion and entertainment, inspired by smart TV.

You may think it’s weird to pay for adult online content, and actually, we agree. But we also know that there are better things out there than a magazine centerfold or a static videos, like interactive video chat with real performers are waiting to act out your fantasy for example. :wink:

Xotika.TV has fully functioning search, and an ‘infinite scrolling’ list of performers. And unlike many other streaming sites, all of our views and members are 100% real. Come and check out our performers gone bitcoin!

But keep in mind that in many ways, Xotika.TV is still just starting out. We still rely on you, our viewers, to make this happen. Thankfully there is already a fair share of big spenders streaming our site, which means both models and performers are bound to get a mind-blowing show.

To give you an idea what that actually means, we’ve seen users tip 10 BTC in 10 minutes! Although you definitely do not need to be a big spender to have fun at Xotika. In fact, you don’t have to spend anything at all if you don’t want to. Viewing and creating channels is absolutely, 100% FREE.

We also have a great recipe for success, and attracting performers. Provide the best user experience possible, the end. Usually performers on similar services have to wait 2 to 5 weeks until they receive their earnings, and the tips might be fake due to credit card fraud and chargebacks, which makes performers nervous and frustrated. This needs to change.

Performers on other sites may waste hours on a user who may ask for a chargeback on his credit card. Hours of work which they will never get back. Also, performers in some countries may have trouble with the banking and political unrest, which can prevent them from working entirely.

We recently talked to a cam girl from Romania, who was tipped in Bitcoin for the first time and was absolutely floored that she can go on localbitcoins and get cash an hour later instead of waiting a month! At Xotika.TV, we pride ourselves on making our performers as comfortable as possible so they can provide a much better show than somewhere else. Deposit and withdraw your tips and earnings whenever you wish.

Peercoin users, you can now enjoy the full benefits of Xotika.TV thru ShapeShift API. Tip your favorite camgirls !

It’s possible that you have never been on such a site before, but as they say, don’t knock it till you try it! And don’t even try to tell me you’ve never wanted to tell someone what to do. It’s quite a thrill… And besides, chatting and viewing is free.

Need more? Spend your Bitcoins wisely, on a bit of modern old fashioned entertainment at Xotika.TV :wink:

P.S. If you have any questions, please send us a ticket or email at contact[member=32773]XOtika.TV[/member].


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