WTS Nushares for Peercoin or BTC? - buy orders +15 million at www.CCEDK.com


Just a quick info.

The new number 1 asset on Coinmarketcap Nushares keeps moving.

Right now available some big lots in case someone wants to sell Nushares.

For instance:

3.1 Million Nushares buy order 27900 PPC - go there now https://www.ccedk.com/nsr-ppc

Available on NSR/BTC pair:

13 Million for around totally 195 BTC - go there now on https://www.ccedk.com/nsr-btc


Ronny Boesing

…but it’s only No.1 by volume not (yet!) by market capitalization.
I expect the latter to change soon :slight_smile:
Go NSR, go PPC, go Ronny (your exchange is great!)!