[WTS] Hashbuster Micro 20+ GHash/s miner * SOLD OUT *

I have some great miners for sale. They hash at 20 GHash/s minimum and max 26 with OC. Without OC I have some running @ 22 to 24 GHash/s.

[size=10pt]Hashbuster Micro 20+ Ghash/s miner[/size]

Sorry, screenshot is from mining Bitcoins ;D

HashBuster Micro miner based on 9 bitfury chips.

20+ Ghash/s standard speed. Up to 26 Ghash/s with OC.
Can be connected directly to any PC via USB cable.
Adjustable digital VRM for easy OC.
Built in thermal sensor.
Overheating protection.
Thermally enhanced PCB.
FAN connector.
Adjustable fan speed via miner or automatic adjustment.
Power bad LED indicator.
RGB LED status indicator.
Mounting holes for 80mm fan.
Flat back side of PCB for easy heatsink installation.

Package includes:
Assembled miner PCB
Coolermaster Silent Fan
Power connector
USB cable

Product usage notes:
Micro miner requires 12V 4A+ PSU. AC/DC adapter with 5.5x2.5mm connector or ATX PSU can be used for powering the device. If you are using standalone ATX PSU please make sure that some base load is applied to 5V line. It can be done by connecting an old CD/HDD to molex connector. Failure to provide base load on 5V line may lead to high voltage spikes that can break miner and wont be covered by the warranty. Also connecting polarity (+ and -) the wrong way or using a powersupply with the wrong voltage (other then 12V) will void warranty.

Overclocking and voltage control:
Micro miner has digital VRM for convenient overclocking and voltage control. By default it use 0.87V and can be adjusted within 0.6-0.87 range. To access voltage range up to 1.1V unique unlock code must be applied. Please note that using the unlock code voids device warranty.

Devices are officially supported by the latest bfgminer (versoin 3.8.0 and higher). Many thanks to Luke Dashjr!

*** SOLD OUT *** Prices:

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